The Grudge: Saeki Curse Continues is an American horror television series


These involve the Saeki curse spreading through Japan, California and Illinois


Includes several people attached to the Saeki curse

Saeki FamilyEdit

Aiko Horiuchi as Kayako Saeki

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Saeki

Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki

Season 1Edit

Saeki House Still Cursed (Episode 1)Edit

Susie Wong moves into the Saeki House and unpacks her stuff and notices a person walk by (Kayako) she goes to check if the person is still there but is gone. Susie then goes to buy some groceries and sees a little boy (Toshio) sitting on the floor she goes closer to see if he's okay and he looks up at her and attacks her and she doesn't see him. People surround her her and they call the police and the paramedics check her wounds.

Susie then goes home and takes a shower, Kayako comes into the bathroom and attacks her in the shower and she dissapears. Susie learns from her friend that the Saeki house is cursed, Susie does research about the house at a library and learns that the house is haunted and that a husband (Takeo) killed his son and wife (Kayako and Toshio) and tries to get rid of them but doesn't. Susie then sees Kayako crawl down the stairs and she tries to escape but can't open it and Kayyako disappears. Susie then goes upstairs and Takeo attacks her. she tries to crawl down the stairs but Takeo snaps her neck.


Jamie Chung as Susie Wong

Brenda Song as Sally Wu

College Massacre in California (Episode 2)Edit

Michelle Hill has a party at her house with her friends, sister Ashley Hill and her boyfriend, Marcus Patterson and Marcus tells a story about the Saeki curse killing a sick mother (Mrs. Davis) was killed by the curse and Michelle gets scared. Michelle sees a lady (Kayako) walk by and goes to her attic, Michelle follows he into the attic and doesn't see her and walks back downstairs and ignores what happened.

The next day, Michelle and Ashley pack their stuff to go back to their college because spring break is over and they get a ride with Marcus, Melissa, Jason and Irene and they go to their college. They get their and Michelle sees Kayako again, Kayako looks at her and does her evil rattle and disappears. Michelle, Ashley, Marcus and the rest of their friends are having lunch and Michelle sees Toshio standing looking at her, Ashley waves her hand up and down Michelle's face and tells her if she's okay and she says yes, Michelle looks back where Toshio was standing but he is gone. Michelle feels something touch her legs, she looks down and finds Toshio touching her leg and screams. Ashley tells her what's wrong and tells her that they're is a little boy under the table but Toshio is not there and runs back to her room crying. Michelle crys on her bed and someone touches her, Kayako then does her evil rattle and Michelle screams. Marcus comes in and comforts her.

It then shows Peter in his room, listening to music and hears banging on his closet door and goes to open it but finds nothing, he looks around the closet but finds nothing then he is pulled in by Kayako and the closet door shuts. Michelle and Marcus are on the bed sleeping and hear Irene scream and goes to check what happened. They find Irene crying and everybody surrounds Peter's dorm, Michelle goes closer to his dorm and finds him disemboweled and starts crying. The paramedics then put Peter's body in a body bag and take him away.

Michelle and Marcus go back to Michelle's room and Michelle tells him that she saw a lady (Kayako) earlier and that she made a weird noise and that it wasn't normal an dthe little boy (Toshio) was standing and staring at her and had pale white skin like Kayako did and Marcus tells that she must be seeing things. The next day, Irene is walking in the hall and goes down the stairway to go to class, when she gets downstairs, she gets a call from an unknown number and says hello, she hears Kayako's evil rattle and drops her phone. She then sees Kayako come down the stairs and she runs, Kayako then grabs Irene's leg and Irene escapes, Kayako comes closer and she snaps Irene's neck and she disappears.

Jason, Chris and Melissa are in Jason's car and Chris goes to pee in the woods and is dragged into the woods by Kayako and is possessed by Kayako and slits his own throat with his pocket knife in front of Melissa and Jason and Jason drives off, he then sees Kayako and Jason goes through the window and breaks his neck. Melissa survives the crash and is taken to the hospital and Michelle, Ashley and Marcus are in the hospital to see her. Michelle tells Ashley and Marcus that she thinks that the little boy (Toshio) and the lady (Kayako) are doing this but they think that they only got in a car accident but Michelle doesn't believe it. Michelle is then in class and sees Kayako out the window and screams and runs. Michelle runs out of class and sees Kayako, Kayako then attacks Michelle and Michelle screams and everyone comes out and Marcus, Ashley and Jessica then ask her if she's okay and goes to her dorm.

Ashley and Marcus then come in Michelle's dorm and Michelle says that Kayako is the one killing them and haunting them, Ashley then goes to get water for Michelle and is then locked in the kitchen by Kayako, Ashley tries to open the door but Kayako attacks her and disappears. Ashley then runs out of the kitchen and bumps into Jessica, Ashley tells Jessica that someone attacked her and Jessica takes her to the laundry room so that she could wash her clothes. Jessica then comforts her and Ashley falls asleep. Jessica then goes back to folding her clothes and Kayako is in back of her. Ashley then wakes up and finds blood coming out of the washer she opens it and finds Jessica dead and screams. Michelle and Marcus hears this and run out to see what's wrong. They find Ashley crying over Jessica's ded body and Marcus then believes Michelle and so does Ashley. Michelle then says that they have to go get Melissa so that they could all be safe.

Melissa who is in her hospital room up against the wall crying. Melissa then hears a thump and thinks its Kayako and says your not real while covering her ears and then it stops. Kayako then drags her under the bed and screams. Michelle, Ashley and Marcus come in Melissa's hospital room and finds her hanging from the ceiling and Michelle and Ashley start crying and Marcus comforts them and they go back to their college. Michelle goes to her room to sleep and Kayako does her evil rattle and Michelle runs out of her dorm and goes to get Ashley and Marcus. She tells them that they have to stop Kayako and Toshio.

Michelle tries to get Kayako and Toshio's attention and they chase after her. Michelle then lights a match and throws it at Kayako and Toshio setting them on fire also setting the fire alarms off. Michelle, Ashley and Marcus escape with everybody else.

Michelle, Ashley and Marcus are gone for the summer to have fun and Kayako and Toshio look at them and Michelle looks at them knowing that Kayako and Toshio will not be bothering them and that they'll find a new victim.


Katie Cassidy as Michelle Hill

Michelle Trachtenberg as Ashley Hill

Nicholas D'Agosto as Marcus Patterson

Ashley Greene as Melissa Bradley

Ryan Merriman as Jason Bates

Kellan Lutz as Chris Russell

Laura Ramsey as Jessica Sanders

Kat Graham as Irene Marks

Penn Badgley as Peter Kingston

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

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