The Grudge 2 is a remake of the 2006 American horror film starring Rooney Mara, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, AJ Michalka, Kate Beckinsale, Dylan McDermott, Julianna Guill, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Vanessa Hudgens, Diane Keaton, Aiko Horichi, Yuya Ozeki and Takashi Matsuyama



Davis Family

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Aubrey Davis, sister of Karen and daughter of Mrs. Andrea Davis

Vanessa Lee Evigan as Karen Davis, sister of Aubrey and daughter of Mrs. Andrea Davis

Diane Keaton as Mrs. Andrea Davis, the mother of Karen and Aubrey

Kimble Family

Chandler Riggs as Jake Kimble, brother of Lacey, son of Bill and stepson of Trish

AJ Michalka as Lacey Kimble, sister of Jake, daughter of Bill and stepdaughter of Trish

Kate Beckinsale as Trish Kimble, stepmother of Jake and Lacey and wife of Bill

Dylan McDermott as Bill Kimble, father of Jake and Lacey and husband of Trish

School Girls

Rooney Mara as Allison Fleming

Julianna Guill as Vanessa

Jamie Chung as Miyuki Nazawa

Saeki Family

Aiko Horichi as Kayako Saeki

Yuya Ozeki as Toshio Saeki

Takashi Matsuyama as Takeo Saeki


Steven Yeun as Eason, a journalist who is investigating the Saeki murders

Vanessa Hudgens as Sally, Lacey's neighbor and best friend


Karen Davis- Thrown off hospital building (Kayako)

Eason- Hanged (Kayako)

Aubrey Davis- Neck broken (Takeo)

Miyuki Nazawa- Dragged into mirror (Kayako)

Vanessa- Strangled by Kayako's hair (Kayako)

Bill Kimble- Hot oil from frying pan poured onto his head and then smacking him with the pan (Trish/Kayako)

Sally- Suffocated (Kayako)

Lacey Kimble- Drowned (Toshio)

Trish Kimble- Drowned (Toshio)

Allison Fleming- Pulled into her sweater (Kayako)


Jake Kimble and Mrs. Andrea Davis

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