The Hat Man is a 2012 Supernatural Horror Drama Thriller film written by Tim Story and directed by Sam Mendes.

It stars Dev Patel, Leonardo Di Caprio, Kristin Wiig, Marielle Jaffre, Annie Ilonzeh, William A. Johnson, Anthony Hopkins, Regina King, Amy Adams, James Marsden, Freddie Highmore, Jennifer Saunders and Shirley Maclaine.


The Year is 1912 and the story is that of a prestigous Russian Theater run entirely by the undead.

Vegetarian do gooder bloodsuckers whom feed off rather the blood of mere animals and resort to entertaining humanity instead by displaying their unnatural dead abilities as mere human athleticism and durability in turn for money.

The Theater however come the Spring of 1912 is threatened to be torn apart as the theater's biggest act: the lonely lothario vampire Hat Man Vixenette Blacker sires a flailing mother dying of injuries whom has lost her childrent to a vicious gang.

A Love ensnaires despite the fact that he is also juggling two other undead beauties and his killing of the dreaded Russian Grimoire Gang results in it's two vampire brother leaders (two undead patrons whom ironically were created by Vixenette) come for vengeance.

Through the siring of one of the mother's sons however does he find salvation.


  • Dev Patel as Vixenette Blacker/ The Hat Man
  • Leonardo Di Caprio as Boltering Jolly Roger Cadel/ The Defending Captain
  • Kristin Wiig as Marina Lesmorten/ The Flailing Mother
  • Marielle Jaffre as Cordette Peters/ The Voluptous One
  • Annie Ilonzeh as Angela Pamela-Porter/ The Boom
  • Regina King as Candette Pamela-Porter/ The Searching Officer Mother
  • William A. Johnson as Larson Lesmorten/ The Salvation
  • Anthony Hopkins as Sheriff Lionel Hutcher
  • Amy Adams as Dana Dubont/ The Gone Phoenix
  • James Marsden as Jenkel Hooper/ Grimoire Leader/ Older Brother
  • Freddie Highmore as Henkel Hooper/ Grimoire Leader/ Younger Brother
  • Jennifer Saunders as St. Patrice Gomorrez/ The Secretive Stairkeeper
  • Shirley Maclaine as Theater Propietor Anna-Maria Lesterbrooken/ Theater Propietor Anna-Maria Dubont/ Secret Mother of Dana Dubont whom ultimatley made herself become a vampire and take the Carding Bros. Theater to take vengeance upon Vixenette Blacker for the killing of her daughter Dana

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