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The Hills Have Eyes 3: The Beginning is a 2012 Slasher Horror Film Prequel and third installment in the The Hills Have Eyes remake franchise. Unlike the first two films, this film will take place in a snow setting and features the mutants in snow for the first time. The movie is also based on the Graphic novel, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning. The film stars Chace Crawford, Steven McQueen, Portia Doubleday, Daniel Day Lewis, JoBeth Williams, Logan Lerman, Mason Cook, Landon LiBoiron, Teresa Palmer, Mahaley Manning, Mouna Traore, Tamara Feldman, Matt Bomer, Vera Farmiga, Toby Stephens, Jessica Tyler Brown, Alina Foley, Donnie Wahlberg, Garrett Ryan, Simon Baker and Anne Hathaway.

The Hills Have Eyes 3 by ryansd

The Hills Have Eyes 3: The Beginning


In 1977, the government of Yuma Flats, New Mexico decides to test nuclear bombs on the town and evacuate the town. The Bean Family, which consists of Karen, her husband, Dan and their son, Hades refuse to leave their town and a gang of drunks break into their house and kill Dan, leaving Karen and Hades alone. Karen decides to start a watch and invite members of the town to join them in hiding in the mineshafts with them to be safe from the bombs. Only a few join them, a family of two and a little orphan girl. They seek shelter in the mineshafts and the town releases their bombs, destroying the town. Karen and the others become horribly disfigured from radiation poisoning and turn into blood-thirsty mutants. In 2006, the Daniels Family gets caught in a snow storm and seek shelter in the mineshafts, where the mutants are hunting. The family start finding themselves trapped in a game of cat and mouse as they fall prey to Karen and her cannibalistic mutant clan.


Chace Crawford as George Woodley - Darcy's husband who comes on the trip with her and her family and assists them in killing the mutants

Steven McQueen as Declan Daniels - Member of the Daniels family who loves to party and wants to prove his theory on the inbreds

Portia Doubleday as Regina Daniels - Member of the Daniels family who is very strong when defeating the mutants

Daniel Day Lewis as Bill Daniels - Patriarch of the Daniels family who tries to keep his family under control

JoBeth Williams as Bethany Daniels - Matriarch of the family who panics when her family is in danger

Logan Lerman as Danny Daniels - Member of the Daniels family who loves spending time with George and is very strong when defeating the mutants

Mason Cook as Robbie Woodley - George and Darcy's son who gets abducted by the mutants and is searched for by his family

Landon LiBoiron as Erik Daniels - Member of the Daniels family who tries to help everyone before himself

Teresa Palmer as Darcy Daniels - George's wife and Robbie's mother who is skeptical about the story of the inbreds

Mahaley Manning as Heather Daniels - A member of the Daniels family who is a lesbian and brings her girlfriend along on the trip

Mouna Traore as Mya - Heather's girlfriend who comes on the trip with her and her family

Tamara Feldman as Annie Daniels - Member of the family who gets very squeemish around the murders

Matt Bomer as Preston Daniels - The uncle of the family who is killed before the others arrive

Steven McQueen as Papa Hades - Member of the mutant clan and Karen's son who helps her and the others murder the Daniels family

Vera Farmiga as Karen Sawney Bean - Member of the mutant clan and Hades' mother who is very brutal when hunting down the Daniels family

Toby Stephens as Razor - Member of the mutant clan and Suzie's father. He is also the leader of the clan and uses a barb belt as his weapon

Jessica Tyler Brown as Suzie - Member of the mutant clan who is abnormally thin, has thin red hair and slanted eyes and is Razor's daughter who helps him carry out his sadistic plans

Alina Foley as Blair - Little orphan girl and a member of the mutant clan who has a pig-like face, three-fingered hands and wears a red hoodie to disguise herself when hunting down her victims

Donnie Wahlberg as Dan Bean - Karen's husband and Hades' father who is killed by a gang of drunks

Garrett Ryan as Young Hades

Simon Baker as Lieutenant Bishop - A soldier who tries to track down nuclear waste in the New Mexico Desert

Anne Hathaway as Lieutenant Jones - Lieut. Bishop's partner who helps track down nuclear waste in the New Mexico Desert


Dan Bean - In the night, a gang of drunks break into Dan's house and beat and shoot him in the chest 5 times with a rifle

Lieutenant Jones - While Lieut. Jones is searching for nuclear waste in the desert, Razor and Suzie jump her and strap her on a bed and bring her into the mineshaft. Razor and Suzie then put Lieut. Jones in an oven and set her on fire

Lieutenant Bishop - While Lieut. Bishop is experimenting on a nuclear product in the desert, Blair jumps him and bites his neck. Blair then ties Lieut. Bishop to a tree and wraps a barb belt around his waist and stretches the belt out, splitting him in half

Blair - The military base strap Blair down and shoot her in the head with a machine gun

Preston Daniels - Gutted and dismembered with knives by the mutants

Declan Daniels - Declan decides to search the mineshafts for answers to the stories about inbreds living in the mineshafts. While he's walking, he finds his uncle Preston dead and gets startled. As Declan turns around, Razor appears and stabs him through his head with a metal pole and drags him into a cage

Darcy Daniels - The Daniels family finds Preston's corpse and panics. As Darcy is backing away, Papa Hades and Suzie appear over a stone wall and wrap a chain around her neck. Karen then wraps another chain around her waist and they pull on them. George and Erik try to pull Darcy down and eventually, the mutants split her in half

Bill Daniels - Razor and Suzie bind and gag him and strap him under water, drowning him

Bethany Daniels - While Bethany cries over Darcy's dead body, Razor sneaks up behind her and shoots her in the back with a gun

Annie Daniels - As the others escape, Annie goes back in the mineshaft to get supplies and Razor sneaks up behind her. As she turns around, she sees him and runs. Annie is found later on by George, Regina and Danny beaten and stabbed several times in the chest, torso and stomach with a hunting knife

Erik Daniels - Karen attacks Erik while he is sleeping and stabs his eyes out with a knife and puts a pillow sack over his head. He is later found by Regina, Mya and Heather who mistake him for being a mutant. They then shoot him several times in the chest and stomach with a gun, before realizing it was Erik

Heather Daniels -  As Heather is running in the desert, Razor shoots her in the leg with a gun. Razor and Suzie sworm around her and beat her to death with a tree branch

Tourist - While a tourist roams through the mineshaft, Regina, who's now a deformed mutant jumps out of a corner and decapitates him with an axe and laughs insanely, before the film ends


George Woodley, Danny Daniels, Robbie Woodley and Mya

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