The Hit is a Film scheduled to be released in 2011. It takes place in 1999 and tells the tale of two friends[Rick Yune and Tom Sizemore who take revenge on a Drug trafficker named Darryl Best]

Plot-Two friends are struggling to come to grips wit the death of their friend Lucius Romney who was shot to death by drug trafficker Darryl Best. They plan on killing and slowly dismembering him but what happens when there plans go wrong?


Rick Yune- Kim Chung Hee

Tom Sizemore-Elroy Archer

Vince Vaughn-Darryl Best

Maggie Q-Li Mei,Darryl Best's alluring bodyguard

Cole Hauser-Lucius Romney

Cate Blanchett-Detective Daniela Bautista

Will Yun Lee-Del,One of Lucius Best's henchmen who stops Kim and Elroy's plans by nearly dumping them in acid.

Joaquim De Alameda-Detective Carlos Orroyo

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