The Hope is an Friends Fanfiction.Rachel,Ross and Phoebe find out about an land that is secret to the universe.When they find out that the evil is trying to get in,They are captured by terrorists.While the others try to find them in the real world,Ross and Rachel relise that Phoebe is the only one to stop the madness.

One Finding Out

Rachel looked up at Ross,Who was laughing."What",Rachel asked him."Just thinking about what happened in work today",Ross kissed her on the lips and Rachel kissed him back.Befour they could do anything else,They heard something from the closet next to them.

"What is it",Rachel asked Ross who tried to open the door."It's locked",Ross said as he tried to open the door."Monica won't let us see what is in there",Rachel explained.

"Wait,I saw her keys in the counter",Ross said as he walked up to the counter and picked up the keys."I'm going to see what is going on",Ross grinned at his plan as he put the key inside the handle.

"Hurry someone is coming",Rachel said as Ross started to open the door.To their horror,They saw an big blue hole apear right in front of them.Befour anyone could react they were getting sucked in.

Rachel started to hold onto the wall while Ross was near enough inside the hole."Help me",He screamed and then he got sucked in."No",Rachel screamed.Phoebe opened the door and she flew right into the hole."Help me",She screamed.

Rachel let go and she went right in the hole.Once she was in,The hole disapeared and the closet door closed by itself.

Meanwhile,Rachel fell right into the sea below her.She screamed when she got up from the water.She saw an castle and decided to swim there.Ross woke up and saw he was in the ground and saw Rachel in the sea.

"Rach",He yelled.Rachel looked up and saw him."Come on",Ross shouted as he gave his hand to her.Rachel grabbed onto it and smiled at him.Ross pulled her up and she started to shiver.

"Guys",They heard Phoebe scream and they turned around.To their horror,They saw Phoebe running from red creatures.The creatures only had one eye and had an big red tail which was the size of an giant ruler.

"Come on",Ross pulled Rachel up and they started to run from the red creatures."Look,An gate",Phoebe pointed as they neared the gate.The creatures never pulled off.They were going to get them,No matter what.

They managed to get to the gate and saw two guards from the other side."Let us in,Please",Rachel screamed.They turned around and saw the three begging to get in."Come on in",The guard quickly pressed the button.

The gate was slowly going up and they all ducked down and rolled over.The guard pressed the button and it was going down.By chance,The creature grabbed onto Rachel's hair and pulled her right away and the gate shut.

"No",Ross screamed as Rachel was dragged away.Phoebe turned around and was silently crying.One of her friends was captured and the other was crying his heart out.Befour they could say anything,There was an explosion.

Two Central Three Friends Perk

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