by Jtsfan13


  • Jimmy
  • Beezy
  • Heloise
  • Cerbee
  • Claudia


Heloise asks Jimmy and Beezy to watch her cousin, Claudia, while she's in town, to which they agree to. The next morning, Heloise drops off Claudia, who on the surface appears innocently listening to he Runny and the Nosebleeds CD. When Heloise leaves, Claudia turns the TV to Misery Shore, but Beezy refuses, saying if he can't watch it then she can't either. Jimmy then asks if she wants to play a game. CLaudia then says yes, then she kicks Jimmy in the leg, then Beezy. Jimmy then gives Claudia a time out, then the lights go out, then back on. Jimmy and Beezy see the house in shambles. Claudia then asks menacingly, "Now can i watch Misery Shore." Claudia is then seen cutting up an X-Ray of Jimmy and then says " I can cut more than paper with these scissors." THe lights go out again, when they come back on, we see half of Beezy's nose missing, along with half of Jimmy's leg. Heloise comes back to see Jimmy and Beezy tied up, and she unties Jimmy, saying she purposefully brought Claudia over, knowing she'd drive you mad. The lights go back off, causing Jimmy and BEezy to go into a screaming panic, but HEloise assures them they'll be fins, as long as CLaudia doesn't have scissors, they scream again, joined by Heloise


  • Claudia: Can I watch Misery Shore?
  • Beezy: Nu-uh (takes remote nd turns TV off), if I cant watch than you can't either
  • Jimmy: K, how bout we pllay a game
  • Claudia:K (Claudia kicks Jimmy)
  • Jimmy: What game is that!!?
  • Claudia: It's Called Kick you in the Shins.
  • Beezy: how about another game?
  • CLaudia: K, how bout (Kicks BEezy) kick the other one in the Shins
  • Jimmy and Beezy scream when the lights go out
  • Heloise: Relax, we're fine, as long as she doesn't have scissors
  • Jimmy and Beezy scream again, Heloise joins in
  • (sound of scissors cutting)

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