The House In The Woods is an friends horror film.When they get away from collage,Six friends rent an house in the woods.When an man turns up and trys to kill them,They accidently kill him.Pannicking,They bury the body.But when things take a turn for the worse when they relise there is an disease going on,They try and stop them getting infected.


Rachel,Ross,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey go and rent an house to stay for the weekend after they finish collage.When they get there,Rachel discovers blood in the woods and is freaked out.Chandler,Meanwhile,Is shooting at cans,And sees an man walking about.He asks if he is okay,And the man trys to grab onto him.Chandler shoots the man on the leg and the man falls down.Chandler runs away.

Monica is cooking when she hears screaming.She then sees Joey covered in blood and screams,But he tells her it is tomato sauce.Just then,Chandler runs in and tells them what happened.Meanwhile,Ross is about to ask Rachel on an date until she falls into the water.

Monica tells Ross and Rachel to come in to find Phoebe.They see Phoebe looking out the window and they see the man walking up to the house.Ross answers the door and the man trys to grab onto him.He manages to run out and he walks up to Monica.Chandler shoots the man on the shoulder,And the man turns out.Joey then sets the man on fire and he runs out,Dying along the way.

Rachel and Phoebe are forced to make a grave hole and they push the man in.Ross burys it and they all walk in.The next day,An man is seen running away from an little girl and he falls into the water.He kills the girl and dies himself and their blood carrys into the water.

Monica takes an bath,And sees blood coming into the water.She freaks and tells Rachel.Phoebe is out reading an book and an big dog chases her.She runs into an shed and manages to get out the back.She tricks the dog and they lock it in the shed.

Monica and Chandler kiss when they walk in the woods and decide to have sex.However,Monica reveals she is infected to Chandler,And Chandler pannicks and leaves her alone.He tells the others and Ross lets Monica in the house.They decide to lock Monica in her room and never let her out until help arrives.Monica pukes up blood everywhere.

Joey grabs an drink of water and does not notice blood on it.However,He quickly changes and trys to kill Rachel.Ross pushes Joey in the closet and locks it.Chandler and Phoebe decide they must try and travel on foot for help.When they step out,The dog from befour escapes and manages to bite Chandler's arm.Phoebe kills the dog and they treat Chandler.

Rachel is concerned about Chandler and trys to kill him.Ross relises that they are not going to survive and starts to escape out in the woods.An man who is infected injures Ross and strangles him to death.

Monica breaks out,Which forces Rachel and Phoebe to run.Chandler is killed and Rachel lets out Joey.Another dog chases them and manages to tear Phoebe apart.Rachel manages to get in an car and locks the door.She drives away and crashes the car into an shop.She gets out and hears an report that an school prom turned into an nightmare when everyone started to kill each other.Rachel relises the infection is spreading and turns around when she hears an scream.


  • The Prom Of Horror During an prom,Stacey's night turns into horror when an infection spreads out.She is saved by Rachel and they plan to escape from the area.
  • The City Rachel manages to get to new york,But sees everyone is infected.

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