The Hunt is an friends fanfiction. When Ross, Rachel and Chandler kill the new leader, Gunther, who had taken over the world with his dark forces, they are forced to go on the run. Meanwhile, their friends, Phoebe, Monica and Joey are tortured in Emily Waltham's Mansion.

One The Killing

Rachel cried when she remembered how she was captured, everytime looking at her locket. She had been captured by Gunther and saw her parents die. She cried when she was told Monica, her best friend, was put in the torture section, while she was put in the working section.

Gunther Brown had captured the world with his evil army. Rachel was only 16. She had to grow up fast. She had became friends with Chandler Bing and Monica's brother, Ross Geller.

She wouldn't admit it, but she had an crush on Ross. They were planning on to kill Gunther and quickly escape. They also needed to save Monica from Emily Waltham. Emily was Gunther's wife, so they needed to kill her as well.

Rachel put on her maid costume and walked out. She saw Chandler spiking the food. "Dinner", an woman was heard saying. Rachel walked grabbed the plate and gave it to Gunther.

"Looks nice", He smiled evily. "Hope you enjoy it", Rachel put on an fake smile.

She walked out of the dining room. She saw two guards pointing rifles at her. She kept walking, dreading what was going to happen next. Chandler was to destroy the Library so the guards will be distracted.

That was when they would meet up with Ross and try to find Emily's Mansion. But first, they needed information on the where abouts.

Just then, she heard an yell. It had worked. Rachel quickly ran away from the hallway. She quickly ran to her bedroom and saw Chandler. "What are y-", but the explosion roared through the mansion.

The window in the bedroom smashed, sending the glass to the two. Chandler quickly throw himself on Rachel so the glass couldn't hurt them. They got up and jumped out of the window.

They landed on the thick grass. "Come on", Chandler yelled and he grabbed onto Rachel's hand and the two started to run through the feild.

They got to the gate and relised their plan was backfired. They saw Ross being held hostage by an guard. "Shh", Chandler whispered to Rachel. Chandler sneaked behind the guard.

Chandler tackled the guard and he immediatly fell down. He grabbed onto the rifle and shot Chandler. Rachel gasped while Ross stared in horror. Chandler had killed two people. Gunther and the guard.

"Come on", He shouted and the trio climbed up the gate. They quickly ran to the car nearby. Chandler smashed the window and climbed through the window. He managed to quickly hijack the car and opened the door for Ross and Rachel.

Chandler drove off, and the trio were unaware of what to expect the horror that awaits them.

Two Chase The Woods

The car broke down when they were near the woods. They planned to hide out in the woods anyway. They quickly got out of the car and started to run. "COME ON", Chandler shouted.

Ross relised his friend was struggling. They were failing their plan since what happened with Ross and the guard.

They reached the heart of the forest and they all looked at each other. "Where are we going to sleap", Rachel asked. "I don't fucking know", Chandler yelled. "Calm down", Ross roared back.

Just then, they heard an gun shot in this distance. They looked up int the air and saw an small cloud. They had found them. "RUN", Ross and Chandler yelled in unison.

The three quickly started to run. They jumped over tree branches, hoping one of them wouldn't trip up.

Ross looked back and saw dogs chasing after them. "Chandler", Ross yelled. Chandler looked around and aimed the rifle at the dog's head. He quickly shoot the dog and turned around.

The other dog continued to chase them. Rachel tripped up and screamed. Ross quickly got to the ground and picked her up. Just then, the dog jumped on Ross.

"ROSS", Chandler yelled and shot the dog. Ross was in shock but quickly ran. The three continued to run and Ross looked back again. There was Guards now chasing them.

"THIS WAY", Rachel screamed and the two followed her. "Separate", She whispered and the three of them separated.

Ross continued to run and finaly saw an house. "HELP", He shouted. To his horror, he saw guards coming out of the house. Ross turned around and saw the other guards.

Ross quickly dodged right and saw guards and turned around. The guards had surrounded him. "NOOO", Rachel heard Ross yell.

Rachel collapsed and started to cry. Ross was dead now. She was lost and Chandler was lost. Just then, another dog jumped on top of her. Rachel quickly kicked the dog and grabbed onto the jaws.

She tried to break it but to no avail. She kicked the dog another time and managed to send it rolling down the hill. She quickly ran and was slapped by an guard.

Chandler had heard Ross yell and let out an tear. He was the only one left and Rachel could be dead any second. He still had the rifle. He could go out befour the guards find him.

Just then, another guard grabbed onto him and strangled him.Chandler let go of the rifle and tried to gasp for air. He started to kick the gun so he could pull it over to him, but just made the situation worse.

Chandler head butted the guy and the guard fell down. Chandler grabbed onto the rifle. He shot the guard and relised this was his fifth killing today. He collapsed and then heard sobbing. It was Ross and Rachel.

Three Left

Chandler quickly hid behind the tree and started to hear what was going on. "Please get us out of here", Rachel begged. "No, You have killed the king. You shall suffer, burning", The guard yelled.

All the other guards yelled. Chandler looked and gasped at what he saw. Ross and Rachel were tied up and there was hay around them. He then saw an woman carrying an flame. She turned to the guard and whispered to him.

"Everyone lets leave", The guard and his men quickly ran off. The woman then threw the fire onto the hay.

Rachel screamed and Ross yelled. Chandler got out of cover and grabbed onto the woman. The woman screamed and Chandler managed to push her into the fire.

Chandler then jumped into the unburned hay and started to untie Rachel. When she was free, she quickly jumped and continued to run. Chandler freed Ross and he did the same along with Chandler.

Rachel turned around and bursted into tears. Ross hugged her and looked at Chandler. "Thanks". Chandler nodded and turned away. "Where are you going", Ross asked and Rachel turned around.

"Away", was all he said. "Why", Ross asked. "Because, i need to make sure that my fucking family are okay", He shouted. Rachel bursted into more tears and Ross looked at him.

"Give us the rifle", He shouted. "NO", Chandler yelled when Ross jumped onto him. "ROSS", Rachel screamed as Ross quickly grabbed onto the rifle. "FINE", Chandler stormed off and left the pair.

Rachel fell down and stared into space. She and Ross were going to die. "Come on", Ross said after an hour. The two walked away in sadness as they were never going to see Chandler again.

Four Monica's Diary

Monica screamed in pain when she was hit by the belt in the buttocks. "LIKE THAT PAIN", Screamed Emily Waltham, her attacker. Monica could barely speak. "DO YOU", She again slapped her with the belt.

"YEAH, BITCH", Monica managaed to scream. She soon regretted it when she slapped her again. "Well atleast Phoebe Buffay managed to not scream, Whore", She muttered with the last word.

Monica cried. She remembered the day when she was captured. She and her brother Ross, Her parents, Her best friend Rachel and Rachel's parents were captured.

They were going to Florida on plane. When Gunther and his army held them all hostage and the plane landed in Gunther's mansion. They did random killings, which were Monica's and Rachel's parents.

Monica was slected on the torture section while Ross and Rachel were put on work. Atleast they had an chance.

Just then, Emily walked away. Monica managed to get up and looked in the mirror. She was nude, and cried even more. She was raped befour she was put in the belt room. She was raped by a guy named Fun Bobby.

She quickly put her clothes on and walked out of the room. She was forced to go into the basement and cried. She saw Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani, her friends.

"Hey", was all she said. "JOEY TRIBBIANI", Emily's voice was heard through the speaker. "RAPE SECTION, RAPED BY JANICE LITMAN". Joey then let out an tear when he saw guards storming in the basement and dragged him away.

"How was your day", Phoebe asked Monica. "I was burned by an ciggarete. I was raped by Fun Bobby and hit on the belt by Waltham", Monica and Phoebe had gotten used to the fact they were going to get tortured forever.

"Lisiten, i found something. It's about you", Phoebe said and she handed her an diary. "Oh my god", Monica gasped, It was her diary. "My feelings for Chandler Bing, everything is on this", She read it.

"Who is Chandler Bing", Phoebe asked but was cut off when Emily walked in, only wearing jeans. "Lisiten, GUNTHER DIED", She screamed. Monica and Phoebe backed away.

"DOESN'T MATTER. I'VE GOT MY BITCHES", Monica and Phoebe let out an scream when the guards tied them up and Emily stipped all her clothes off. "MY FIRST RAPE, WITH AN WOMAN".

Five Ross and Rachel, Ross 2 and Rachel 2

Ross and Rachel continued to run. They heard on the radio that Chandler Bing was found and was sent back to Gunther's mansion. Rachel felt ashamed but Ross had no emotion, as he and Rachel needed to survive.

"Fuck, hide", Ross whispered and the two hid behind the tree. There was an man and an woman walking. "ROSS WE NEED TO GET CHANDLER", The woman screamed. "RACHEL, WE WERE ATTACKED BY AN FUCKING SNAKE".

Ross and Rachel looked at each other. They had the same name. Ross looked at the two and relised it was an copy of Ross and Rachel.

"Come on", Ross whispered. He and Rachel crept to the collage and they heard an noise. Ross opened the door and he and saw chairs and furniture on the floor, smashed.

"What happened here", Rachel asked. Just then, she saw an note which attracted her eye. It read Ross and Rachel, I faked my voice over the radio about me getting captured. I'm hiding out along with my mother in my old home. Got to run.

Rachel told Ross about the note. "We go there when we get Monica", Ross told Rachel. Just then, they heard hissing. They turned around and an giant snake jumped onto them.

Ross and Rachel managed to dive. Rachel crawled into the lounge and screamed. The snake followed Ross who was climbing up the ladder which led to the loft.

He opened the loft door and climbed in. However, the snake jumped up and managed to get up the roof. Ross quickly crawled to the other side and let out an shout.

Meanwhile, Rachel snapped out of shock when Ross shouted. She quickly ran to the hall and saw Ross falling down. The snake then jumped on the unexpecting pair.

Ross quickly grabbed onto the neck and tried to snap it. The snake hissed and instantly died when Ross broke the neck. Rachel looked at the dead snake and cried.

"What is going on". Just then, Ross and Rachel 2 bursted into the house.

"What", Just then, Ross aimed the rifle and shot Ross 2 and then at Rachel 2. "YOU'VE KILLED OUT FUTURE SELFS", Rachel screamed. Just then, she turned around and saw an clock.

It was an clock that made people travel in time repeatly at one location. "Lets get out of here befour anymore come", Ross and Rachel quickly ran out of the house and they heard someone behind them.

There was another version of Ross and Rachel. Original Ross and Rachel run away into the feilds.

Six Phoebe Kills

Phoebe wakes up after the rape. She cried when she saw scars all over her body. She relised she was boiling with rage. She got up from the table and quickly put on her raggy clothes.

She opened the door and quickly ran down the stairs. Phoebe opened the door and cried. She saw Joey tied up. "JOEY", She screamed. She ran up to Joey and grabbed onto the small knife next to Joey.

She started to cut the rope and Joey fell down. Phoebe held onto Joey and relised he was dying. "NOO", Phoebe screamed. Just then, Emily walked in. "Emergency", She said through the walkie talkie. Emily wanted to torture the victems, not kill them.

Phoebe looked up and relised Emily was calm. "BITCH", Phoebe screamed and quickly slit Emily's throat. Emily tried to block the blood coming from the throat. Emily collapsed and struggled to breathe.

Phoebe quickly grabbed onto Joey and pulled him up. Just then, she saw Monica walking down the stairs. Monica screamed when she saw Emily and Joey. "COME ON", Phoebe screamed.

"Wait", Monica knelt down and grabbed onto the pistol in Emily's pocket. She then gave Joey an hand along with Phoebe, but managed to aim the gun.

They struggled to walk through the hallway. Guards were trying to shoot them, but Monica managed to shoot them. However, She wasted the bullets in about ten minutes.

Monica threw the gun at one of the guards and the three managed to get to the entrance hall.

There was guards everywhere. "EMILY WALTHAM", They all shouted in unison. "FUCKING DYING", Monica shouted and all of them quickly ran to find her. However, three guards remained, aiming the rifles at them.

However, someone bursted in and started to shoot at the guards. It was Chandler Bing, along with his Mom Nora Bing. "Come on", He shouted and the two quickly helped the three as more guards came, Nora, Chandler and Phoebe started to shoot.

Seven The Shot

They managed to get to Nora's car and Nora was on wheel. Monica was next to her, while Chandler was in back along with an injured Joey and an terrified Phoebe. "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE", Monica shouted.

Just then, the guards started to shoot at the car. Nora screamed as she was shot in the chest. "MOM". The car went out of control and flipped upside down and landed in the woods.

Monica woke up and relised she was bleeding. She was upside down and struggled to release her seatbelt. She managed to do it but fell down and banged her head against the floor.

Monica looked around and saw Joey and Chandler lying next to each other. She relised Phoebe was missing and began to freak out. "Phoebe", she barely whispered.

"NOO", She heard an scream out into the woods. Monica looked outside but remained still. She then saw Phoebe falling down and an man knelt down. He grabbed an pocket knife and slowly raised the knife.

BANG. Monica turned around and saw Nora shooting the man. She turned around and smiled. Befour Monica could reply, Nora died.

Monica let an tear go down her cheek. Nora Bing was killed. Just then, she heard sirens in the distance. They have found the car. "Come on", she whispered to Phoebe. Both woman managed to grab onto Joey and Chandler and tried to crawl.

Nearing the hill, Monica pushed Chandler down. Phoebe struggled with Joey's weight and Monica helped her. Just then, an shot was heard. They looked down and saw Chandler, shot in the leg.

Eight Radio News

Ross and Rachel were hiding in an old cottage along with an woman named Mona. "I'm on the run because i saved this man named Danny, but i was caught by Emily but i escaped", Mona explained.

Ross told Mona what happened to him and Rachel. "Shh, there is something on the news", Rachel whispered as she raised the volume. "There is no evidence on the where abouts of these following people".

"Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Nora Bing, Joey Tribbiani, Mona Brown, Amy Green, Ross Geller and Rachel Green".

Ross and Rachel gasped when they heard Monica, Chandler and Amy's names. "They're alive", the two hugged each other. "Who are they", Mona asked. Ross and Rachel explained.

Just then, the window smashed and shots were fired inside. "DUCK", Ross yelled and they all ducked. They quickly crawled to the next room. "THEY'VE FUCKING FOUND US", Rachel screamed.

"Calm down", Ross slapped Rachel. "Is there anyway out of here", Ross asked. "Yeah i-", Mona was cut off when she was shot right on the head. She fell down and Rachel gave out an scream.

"SHIT", Ross cursed. Rachel saw an back door and ran to the door. "DON'T", Ross yelled. Rachel barely opened the door when shots were fired. Rachel was lucky not to be hit.

"In here", Ross grabbed onto Rachel's hand and they ran out to the feilds. "NOO", Rachel screamed as she saw the cottage explode. "COME ON", Ross led Rachel and the two continued to run.

"Hide", Ross whispered and the two hid behind an big rock. Just then, they heard movement. Ross saw an handgun and quickly grabbed it. He saw an man on the ground and Ross aimed the gun and shot the man.

The man rolled over. It was Chandler.

Nine Reunion

"NOO", Monica let out an sob and ran to Chandler. She sat next to him and cried. Phoebe and Joey ran down and tried to confront an upset Monica. "Mon", Ross said surprised.

Monica looked up and saw Ross and Rachel, covered in blood. "ROSS", Monica screamed and she ran up to him and hugged him. "Rachel", she whispered and the three let an hug, which caused Ross to drop the gun.

Monica looked down and looked at Ross. "NOO", Monica collapsed and started to crawl away from Ross. "What is wrong", He asked. "YOU FUCKING SHOT CHANDLER".

"It was an acci-", Ross was cut off when machines guns started to shoot the at the six.

Monica and Ross managed to grab onto Chandler while Phoebe and Rachel grabbed onto Ross. They quickly managed to avoid the shots and ran to the nearby house they saw.

Monica collasped with Chandler and started to stroke his cheek. "Mon", he mumbled. "Chan". Monica kissed Chandler and he kissed her back. "MONICA", Ross yelled.

Monica simply looked at Ross and then the handgun she picked up. She grabbed the gun and aimed it at Ross. "NOO", Rachel screamed. She quickly pushed Monica away, but Monica fired anyway.

All of them stared in shock at each other. Then, Phoebe fell down along with Joey and struggled to breath. "No", she whispered and she fainted. Phoebe Buffay was desceased.

Ten Help

Monica looked at the corpse and cried. She had killed her friend. She looked up and saw an angry Ross. "YOU TRIED TO SHOOT ME AND YOU SHOT HER", He shouted. "I DON'T FUCKING CARE", Monica remarked.

She grabbed onto the handgun and aimed it at herself. "NOO", They all shouted and Rachel quickly grabbed onto the gun. Just then, they heard hissing. They all turned around and saw an snake. The same snake that attacked Ross and Rachel.

The snake stared at them and hissed again. It then turned around and saw Phoebe. It slowly moved to the woman and opened it's mouth.

Rachel and Ross grabbed onto Chandler and Joey, while Monica sat there in shock. "Come on", Rachel whispered. Monica looked up and simply said, "What's the point".

Even though he wished he hadn't, Ross had left Monica to die. They heard an scream in the distance and then silence. Monica Geller was Desceased.

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