Friends Fanfiction. Rachel, Ross and Chandler flee as dark forces take over their world. Will they be able to kill the dark lord, or be killed.

One Wedding

Rachel looked at the mirror and smiled. It was her wedding day. She was happy for once. Ever since evil took over, she and her loved ones grew closer.

Someone knocked on the door and Rachel told them to go in. Monica came in with an big smile. "Hey", Monica smiled as she looked at her dress.

"Nervous", Monica asked. "No. As long as we get this done befour Gunther finds out hiding spot", Rachel walked out of the room and gasped when she heard an noise.

She turned around and saw Gunther looking at her. "No", Rachel whispered. Monica turned around and screamed. Rachel and Monica quickly ran to the aisle and Gunther smiled.

"Help", Rachel and Monica screamed in unison. The groom, Ross, was shocked and horrified when he saw Gunther behind the two helpless woman. "This way", an man screamed.

Just then, the roof's glass smashed. The glass crushes an couple of people. "This way", Ross shouted and grabbed onto Rachel.

The two of them ran out of the back. "Chandler", Ross shouted. Chandler nodded. It was time to hunt Gunther. "Rachel", Ross pushed Rachel into an small clock.

Rachel found herself on the busy streets of New York. She turned around and relised she looked stupid with an wedding dress on in the middle of the street.

She saw Ross and Chandler who didn't notcie her. "Guys", Rachel shouted over the busy noise. The men turned around and noticed her.

"Where are we going to go", Chandler asked. "I know", the two followed her. "We were meant to get married", Ross moaned. "Lisiten, Ross. I think we should worry about that another day", Rachel shouted.

The city could be filled of Gunther's army, so they had to be careful. They walked into Central Perk and ordered coffee. Rachel sat on the orange couch. "Wait we shouldn't be here", Chandler said. "Why", Ross asked.

"Gunther", and the three quickly ducked as Gunther began to shoot at them with rifles. Rachel and Ross managed to get to the kitchen while Chandler still took cover.

Just then, an man came inside with an butcher knife. Rachel screamed as he tried to hit her with the knife.

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