The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman

1972 edition

Author Angela Carter
Cover artist Roxanna Bikadoroff
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Picaresque
Publisher Penguin Group
Publication date 1972
Pages 221
ISBN 0-14-023519-1
OCLC Number 31035570

The Infernal Desire Machinations Of Doctor Hoffman is an upcoming 2011 Fantasy Drama Gothic Horror Film based on the 1972 Philosophical book by Angela Carter directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Rooney Mara, Benicio Del Toro and Ian MacShane.

It is to be released on November 17th 2011 in North America, Australia, Japan, Russia, The United Kingdom and Papa New Guinea.


The story begins with a man on the run down a dark alleyway narrating a dilemma fuelled sexually.

The scene then goes back to the beginning where the man running is revealed to have been once a freelance man for the Minister who has ordered him to assasinate the machine of the eccentric madman Doctor Hoffman.

While on his mission to bring down Doctor Hoffman and his said machine he falls in love with a mysterious quiet girl son by the world named Albertina.

Albertina is soon revealed to him to be Doctor Hoffman's creation and a built daughter which leads to a passionate murder of gruesome sexual means.

Now the man Deseidro is marked for death by Doctor Hoffman along with five others involved in the cover up and cause of his daughter's death.

As the bodies rise in artistic fashion Deseidro is betrayed by the Minister who secretly organized Hoffman's planned assassination.

Deseidro finds himself going all over the country seeking help in all the wrong places.

Deseidro tries everything to defeat the the evil stalking Doctor Hoffman including a Witch Doctor, A Timbaubwe Transvetite possibly dealing in the black arts of witchcraft, a crazy woman with a penchant for rabbits and a professional hitmen who has a beautiful singing voice.

Nothing stops Doc Hoffman and soon Deseidro ends up fleeing back to London and straight to the Minister.

The Minister now offers him help.

It is revealed the Minister has been approached by Doctor Hoffman in return for the final ingredient in a spicy murder cover-up that he would hold him for Doctor Hoffman.

A Battle ensues and the Minister's female assistant appears to do nothing with scars all over legs.

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