The Inglorious Squad is a group of men that have entered the military. Ever since the 1940s, they've stayed together, whether or not it's their ancestors or themselves. Not all of them have survived though.

The series was a tie-in with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in several ways, which included the squad's recruitment into Task Force 141 shortly after leaving the Chinese battlezone, and reclaiming the name of the Force after Shepherd was killed.

The Squad

Scout - Scout was a fast runner, winning every running race in school and eventually enlisting for track and field. He also had steady hands, killing many animals with his father. Scout eventually decided at some point in his life that he could use his skills in the military, so he enlists into the USMC and is assigned to Squad 112.

Final fate: Killed during extraction in the final operation. Scout was forced to provide covering fire with Support while the rest of the surviving squad escaped. Support was able to escape: Scout was killed by a burst to the head.

Assault - Assault always charged into debates head-on, whether armed with facts or fists. He usually prevailed, but he was proven wrong/beaten up a few times. He aspired to join the army, and eventually did join the USMC, being assigned to Squad 112.

Final fate: Assault escaped the entire Ultranationalist army alive, firing a grenade down at them, the equivalent of cheating Death and then kicking it in the balls. After three years in a S.W.A.T team as bomb defusal, Assault is currently living out his days with the survivors.

Anti-Armor - Anti-Armor was a person who loved smashing things. Later in life, he signed up for the autoshop, befriending Engineer. However, his viewpoint was different: Engineer liked to fix things, whereas Anti-Armor loved to see how they broke apart. A huge fan of the show Breaking Point on the History Channel, Anti-Armor eventually signed up for the USMC and was assigned to Squad 112.

Final fate: The first death, Anti-Armor was forced to use several anti-armor solutions to hold off a tank column. He lasted long enough to let the rest of the squad escape, and was then gibbed by a 120mm round exploding directly under his body.

Medic - Medic loved his body. He exercised constantly, and at 6 was a strong person in the gym, being able to use nearly any machine without help. He eventually joined doctor school, but was eventually conscripted into the USMC and Squad 112 as a battlefield medic. He hated the place... but then he made the best friends in his life.

Final fate: Medic treated the squad's injuries, became a doctor for three years, and then lived with the rest of the squad.

Engineer - Engineer took things apart... and put them back together. At the age of 8, he took apart an old family clock and was grounded indefinitely. Two hours later, his parents were shocked to learn that little Engy had out the clock back together... and it worked perfectly. He eventually joined the autoshop and befriended Anti-Armor, but he liked rebuilding things. They worked together, and over the years almost rebuilt an 80s Pontiac Trans-Am... but then Anti-Armor signed up and Engineer was left to finish it. Two scant months later, he was conscripted by chance into Squad 112, where he met Anti-Armor.

Final fate: Engineer is the only member still working, having a self-owned auto shop. He also maintains the Squad's car.

Spec Ops - Spec Ops was a cool leader. In one round of capture the flag where it was him, a fat girl, and another girl he hated, they all listened to his planning... and ended up winning the game. From then on Spec Ops was picked as the "leader" for every team-based game, whether it was T-Ball or Dodge Ball or even Wolf Tag, Spec Ops always survived, only something his plans faltering. Eventually, he signed up for the military, and started Squad 112. He met the weirdest gang of misfits in his life... and it all worked out fine thanks to leadership and a desire to win.

Final fate: Spec Ops, after clearing the name of TF141 along with the rest of the squad, eventually decided to go back. He took part in counter-terrorist activites for two years until the rest of the Squad urged him to return. Being away from his friends, Spec Ops performed two more jobs and then resigned from his position.

Support - Wherever there was a game which was long-winded, you could always find Support at the back. Despite being a low-ranker when he was little, he was still the important cog, whether it was making distraction runs or getting people food, you could always count on Support to also have your back. He eventually signed up into the military, being put into Squad 112 along with everyone else.

Final fate: Support was the main shopper, getting things for the Squad after the war. He worked the Squad too, not wanting them to go out of shape. He provided covering fire, but eventually gave Scout his machinegun and found his old family M24 locked in a case - the M24 Scout carried in the USMC-China war was a new model after all.

The Adventures

World War II

During World War II, the Squad's old relatives worked as special operations along with the SAS, utilizing their gear for several situations. They were from different militaries, and they took part in the Battle of the Bulge, and later embarked on three missions to steal Nazi plans for weapons. The World War II stories mainly focused on brotherhood, and chronologically were released shortly after the Task Force 141 novels.

Weapon Kits

Scout - Scout was American, and carried a M1904 Springfield bolt-action sniper rifle.

Assault - Assault was British, and used a Bren LMG.

Anti-Armor - Anti-Armor did not carry an SMG, but was American and carried an M1 Bazooka.

Medic - Medic was Russian, and he carried a PPSh-41.

Engineer - Engineer was British and at first carried a Lee-Enfield rifle with a bayonet. He eventually swapped this for a Browning Auto 5 automatic shotgun.

Spec Ops - Spec Ops joined later. He was an American gangster sent to serve in the war as punishment. He carried his traditional weapon: a Chicago Typewriter, with a small magnifying glass attached. The magnifying glass was the precursor of the red dot sight.

Support - Support also joined with Spec Ops. He was a German who did not like the Nazi party and was willing to fight with the Allies. He had also figured out a way to carry an MG42 heavy machinegun using a side-mounted foregrip and a large box magazine.


The Vietnam war was bloody and brutal... and the Squad's relative were there to experience the entire war. From the bloody battles like Hamburger Hill to making moral decisions that would affect their psyches, the Squad as a spiritual realm may have faced its most difficult challenge here, in the bloodiest and most controversial battleground yet. The Vietnam novels mainly looked into Scout and Support. Released shortly after the WWII novels, and shortly before the post-TF141 novels, they included extreme moral decisions unmatched by most novela, which at base looked black (loyal soldier) and white (kindly her). However, it was a little of both: each act they performed would have a certain effect, and there was a little black mixed with the white.

Weapon Kits

Scout - Scout used an M24 which was taken home after the war and presented to Scout when he was a teenager. Scout said the M24 was a family weapon, but it was eventually found in a case inside the Squad's common apartment.

Assault - Assault used an M16A1. The assault rifle was not that great, but near the end of the war Assault managed to get a prototype 30 round "High Reliability" clip found on the CAR-15 on the rifle.

Anti-Armor - Anti-Armor wielded the M80 LAW as his rocket launcher.

Medic - Medic still carried an SMG, the MAC-10. However, he complained the MAC-10 was difficult to control

Engineer - Engineer carried an old Mossberg 500 stubby shotgun. He was able to perform several "execution" moves normally found with pistols.

Spec Ops - Spec Ops carried a CAR-15 carbine, the predecessor in a way of the M4, and he had it equipped with a sniper rifle scope.

Support - Support carried an M60 heavy machinegun, which he kept box-magazine fed. Other soldiers scoffed at the HMG, but when Support proved the hand-held version could be useful, it was issued to several men in the USMC.

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