The Intiation is a 2010 American Horror film remake of the original 1984 slasher film of the same name.

It is written by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert and directed by Leigh Whannell.

It stars Emma Roberts, Jim Carrey, Lisa Kudrow, Erik Knudsen, Cody Kasch, Mara Wilson, Tom Felton, Kristen Stewart, Johnny Simmons, Lindsey Lohan and Emma Stone.

The film was made by Walt Disney Pictures and Ghost House Pictures


Kelly (Emma Roberts) has just joined the Delta Ro Kai Sorority and yet is still plagued by despicable nightmares of a man in flames.

The nightmarish dreams cause maniacal sleepwalking and open a gateway for something else.

The Delta Ro Kai Sisters make a big mistake pledging Kelly and demanding her Initiation be a supermarker break in prank.

Kelly breaks in as told but however along with a neighbouring sorority brother becomes entrapped by a murderous psychopath in the store.

The psychopath then begins killing one by one Kelly's Sorority Sisters.


  • Emma Roberts as Kelly/Terry
  • Jim Carrey as Dwight Fairchild
  • Lisa Kudrow as Francesca Fairchild
  • Johnny Simmons as Ralph
  • Tom Felton as Andy
  • Cody Kasch as Chad
  • Mara Wilson as Marcia
  • Lindsey Lohan as Megan
  • Kristin Stewart as Alison
  • Emma Stone as Beth
  • Erik Knudsen as Jason Randall

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