Friends Fanfiction. Rachel Green is an top Lawyer and is happily married and has an daughter. When Robots invade New York, Rachel must pretend she is one while find her daughter, husband and friends.

One Prolouge

Rachel looked at the files on the desk and sighed. Her client was about to go down, and she had no proof to back him up. Maybe Ross was right. Maybe she should quit and have more time with her family.

Rachel and Ross got married in 2001 and had an daughter in 2002 named Emma. Their friends, Monica and Chandler were happily married and Monica was expecting.

Phoebe Buffay is currently dating Mike Hannigan and the relationship is looking serious. Joey, However is still looking for his soulmate after his break up with Katie.

Rachel got up and walked out into the hall and saw Emma playing with a bunch of blocks.

"Em", Rachel moaned as she picked up the toys that was lying around. "Muma, Phone", Emma said as Rachel's blueberry started to ring.

Rachel looked at the sceen and saw it was Ross. "Hey you", Rachel said on the phone as she walked into the kitchen. "Hey you", He replyed.

"What's going on", Rachel asked. "Change of plan. Looks like i won't get back until tomorrow", Ross was on an dig in China looking for remains of the dinosaurs.

"Oh, I had dinner planned and everything", Rachel hanged up and relised she had taken it the wrong way.

She then got an text and she read it. Sorry, Luv you.

Rachel looked at the clock and relised it was eight o'clock. After reading three storys and putting Emma to sleap, Rachel sat on the leather couch and closed her eyes.

Just then, The doorbell rang and Rachel shot up. She got up and opened the front door and saw an man. "Miss, Can i please have a cup of tea"?

Two Escaped but Lost

"Excuse me", Rachel asked in disbelief. How could some stranger walk in her house and ask for a cup of tea.

"I'm sorry", He said and he pushed Rachel to the floor and walked in the house. Rachel quickly got up and ran to Emma's room. To her horror, She saw that Emma was missing.

Rachel started to scream as she relised Emma was now lost. In an matter of seconds, The man kicked open the door and walked to Rachel.

Rachel pushed the man away and ran out of the room. Rachel quickly closed the bedroom door and grabbed onto the table and put it against the door.

Rachel started to search the house to find Emma and phone the police. The police. She could phone them right now.

Rachel grabbed her blackberry and dialed 911. "Hello, What is your emmergancy", Came the female voice from the other end. "There is an man in my house. He is trying to kill me an-", Rachel was cut off when she heard an big bang coming from the hall way.

Rachel looked out and saw that the man had escaped from the room.

Rachel ran to the kitchen and got out from the backdoor. Rachel ran across the wet grass and was planning to run to Monica's house.

Rachel stopped in her tracks in the middle of the road when she saw a few people running and screaming. To her horror, Rachel saw that men and woman were grabing onto people and killing them with some sort of gun.

Rachel turned around and saw an empty car in the middle of the road. It was Phoebe's car. Rachel slowly walked to the car and looked inside. There was no trace of Phoebe Buffay, Only her license.

"Thanks", She whispered to herself as she got in and started to drive. Emma was lost and now so was Phoebe.

Three Emma's Message

Rachel parked outside of Monica's house. She heard on the radio from an reporter that the city was getting attacked by something, not long befour she was attacked and killed.

Rachel knocked on the door and got no reply. Rachel opened the door slowly and let out an cry of what she saw. Chandler was covered in blood and was lying on the floor.

"Chandler", Rachel screamed as she ran up to him. "What happened, Where's Monica", Rachel asked. Chandler stared at her and Rachel screamed. Chandler was one of them.

"Get away from me", She said and was slowly backing away. "Please, Rachel. If you become one of us, You will get to live in an world with peace and no more violence", He calmly said.

"No, You sick bastard. What have you done to my little girl and Monica", Rachel felt tears in her eyes. "Monica left me like this. She isn't one of us, but you c-", He was cut off when Rachel grabbed the metal baseball bat from the floor and hit Chandler on the head.

Rachel ran out of the front door and ran into the car. She looked at the once peaceful house and saw Chandler coming out, Covered in blood.

Rachel quickly drove off and started to cry. One of her best friends had become one of them. Monica and Phoebe might and Emma was lost.

Just then, Her phone started to ring. Rachel looked at the number and relised it was unknowen. Rachel answered and then relised it was Emma.

"Emma, Where are you. How did you phone me", Rachel shot into the phone. "Mom, I'm in an house and i stole these two phones. One is Aunt Phoebe's and the other is another person's. Phoebe has no money in her phone an-", Emma was cut off when Rachel's phone rang out. "Shit", Rachel yelled in furstration.

Four Train and Emily

Rachel decided to go to Mark, An old friend who would help her trace the call. If he was human.

Rachel parked the car and ran down the stairs which lead to the subway. She was going to get in the train and get to the other half of New York.

Rachel waited and saw an man looking at her. He is one of them She thought and shuddered silently. She did not look at his face.

The train stopped and Rachel quickly got on. She saw an man with his girlfriend sitting in the chairs quietly and looking ahead. There was an old woman and another woman sitting on the other seats.

Rachel sat in front of the couple and tried not to look at them. "If you show emotion, They will know you are human", The man said to Rachel as people started to come in the train.

Rachel looked at him with worry and relised she must act now.

However, The old woman got up and started to shout at the people. "Why are you doing this to us, Leave us alone", She scream.

Befour Rachel knew it the humans including her were running to the other side of the train. The people were slowly walking to them in snail speed, Which creeped Rachel out.

"The door's stuck", The young woman yelled. The girlfriend started to cry as an man grabbed onto her. The boyfriend collapsed and stared in shock as he witnessed her death.

Rachel banged against the door as the boyfriend was killed. The old lady screamed as two people grabbed onto her and dragged her into the crowd.

Rachel managed to break open the door and fell into the tracks. She looked up and saw the young girl sitting down in shock. "Come on", She screamed.

To Rachel's horror, She relised that was Emily Waltham, Ross's second wife. Ross had said Rachel's name during their cermony.

Rachel screamed out in shock when she saw Emily getting killed the new boyfriend, Who was now not a human. Rachel continued to run and managed to get to an station.

Rachel quickly got away and found herself in the street. Rachel felt horrified when she saw people all over had turned. Rachel had to pretend she was one of them. To find Emma and her friends.

Five Monica's Hideout

Rachel walked to her house in calm and peaceful so no one would know. These people realy frightened her. But she was going to have to face them. For Emma.

Rachel opened the door and quickly closed it and started to put the chain locks on. She turned around and gasped at what she saw.

The house was an mess. The tables were throwen about and all the ornaments were smashed in half. Rachel slowly walked to the lounge when she saw an shawdow.

"Hello", Rachel called out and she was shocked of who she saw. It was Monica and she was wearing an wedding dress.

"Monica why are you wearing that", Rachel asked out in shock. She was meant to be happy that Monica was alive. But why was she wearing her wedding dress.

"Because, Silly. Me and Chandler are getting married today". Monica smiled which creeped Rachel out. "Lisiten, I know we should plan to go in the limo by t-", But Monica was cut off when Rachel slapped her.

"You are having an hard time accepting this just like i am. But you are reliving y-", Rachel was cut off when Monica jumped on her and started to choke.

Rachel gasped for breath as she looked into Monica's blue eyes. Monica had become insane due to the outbreak. "Mommy", An voice came from the hall and Rachel and Monica turned around. It was Emma.

Six Lock and Discovered

Rachel kicked Monica right on the belly and she knew it was the wrong thing to do. Monica could have lost her baby. "You bitch", She shouted and she grabbed onto Rachel's hair.

"Hide", Rachel screamed to Emma and she ran off to her bedroom. Rachel stamped onto Monica's foot and Monica screamed in pain.

To Rachel's horror, People from the outside bursted in from the back door and was slowly walking to them. Rachel tackled Monica and ran to Emma's bedroom.

"Sweetie, Come on", She said as she grabbed onto Emma and ran out of the house.

Rachel ran to her husbands car and relised she forgot the keys. "We are going to Phoebe's", Rachel whispered to Emma as they continued to run, Atracting the wrong attention.

Rachel quickly lost them and walked to Phoebe's house. "Em", Rachel said. "Yes", She innocently replyed. "Where did you get aunt Phoebe's number", She asked.

"Aunt Phoebe gave it to me from in there", Emma innocently said. "Lisiten, You stay out here and when the bad people see you, run away from them", Rachel was putting her saftey first incase they were any infected in the house.

Rachel opened the door slowly and relised, it too was upside down. Rachel walked into the lounge and could have pucked at what she saw.

There was Mike, Lying dead on the table. He had been cut a hundreads of times by an butcher knife sticking out of his back. "Hello, Rach. Want to know the truth", Came an male voice from behind.

Seven It was you

Rachel turned around and gasped at what she saw. There was Joey, Holding an shotgun and aiming at her.

"Joey what are you doing", Rachel bit her tounge when she said the most stupid question ever asked. Joey was the one who started all this.

"I'm here to kill you, Your daughter Emma is already turned into one of us", He smirked and Rachel gasped when she saw Emma walking in the room.

"You've killed her", Rachel shouted. "Yes and no. Emma is the smartest out of all of us. The one who shows emotion", Rachel felt a tear in her eye when she relised Emma was already one when she saved her from an crazed Monica.

"What about Phoebe", Rachel felt terrified and guilt consumed her. What was Ross going to say when he found out his daughter was one of them.

"She was one of the ones that is dead for real", Joey walked to the cloest behind him and opened the door. Rachel screamed when an lifeless Phoebe fell out.

"Anyway, I worked for this company and i was so desparate to have a girlfriend. But then i relised i needed money so i came up with the idea of robots to the company", He grinned.

"They are robots", Rachel was in disbelief. The people she fought to survive, Including Chandler, Were robots. "How did you infect them", Rachel asked.

"We simply spiked the new drink, Fanta XX", Joey said matter of factly. Rachel then relised Ross and Emma drank that a week ago.

"It infects them for about a week and yes Rachel. Your husband is one of us", Joey smirked as a group of robots entered the house. "Get her", He simply said.

Eight The next day

Rachel had managed to escape the house and felt bad for leaveing Emma, But she realy didn't have an choice. Rachel decided to hide out in her and Monica's old apartment, Which was empty.

Rachel had found an pistol during her escape from Joey and decided to use it, even though it won't do anything to the robots. She needed to escape the city and warn the uninfected countrys. If there was any.

Rachel then heard an noise and turned around. It was nothing, probary her imaganation. She hoped.

Rachel turned to her crisps and then she heard an snap. She turned around and screamed when she saw Emma, Chandler and Phoebe looking at her.

"How did you turn", Rachel asked and slowly backed away. "Joey helped me", Phoebe said with no sign of emotions. "Mommy, Turn into one of us if you want to play with me", Emma asked.

Rachel grabbed her pistol on the counter and aimed it at them. "I can't", Rachel said. She couldn't shoot her best friends and then her daughter. But they aren't them. They are robots, Rachel heard a voice in her head.

Befour she knew it, She shot Chandler and Phoebe on the leg and both of them went down like bricks, But didn't feel any pain. Rachel quickly dodged Emma and ran out of the apartment.

Rachel ran down the group of stairs and then she heard an voice behind her. "Rachel", She turned around and saw Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Emma looking at her.

Nine Aftermath

In the next fourteen days, America was robot free as everyone turned back to normal. The people who were human were the only ones to remember the incident and were forced to be quiet.

Half of the world was still infected, but the uninfected countrys made sure no one heard of what happened.

Rachel Green was one of the people who made the cure. After seeing her friends and husband and daughter all robots, She managed to escape and revealed the truth to the goverment.

Joey Tribbiani was arrested and was given an life sentance, but to his friends and family, He simply snapped and killed four people on an train, One person who was Emily Waltham.

Geller House

Rachel looked at her husband Ross who was reading the newspaper. She had decided to forget the incident, As she coped even though she was alone through most of the outbreak.

"Whats happened", She asked. Ross looked up and smiled. "War, Terrorists that sort of stuff", He said and Rachel felt guilt inside her.

The robots simply wanted peace, no violence. Had she destroyed the only chance of that happening. Rachel looked out the window and sighed. It was another normal day, Where children were going to school, Adults going to work and woman giving birth.

Rachel went out of the back garden to get an sun tan when she screamed at what she saw. There was Mike Hannigan, Holding an knife. "Rachel, You forgot about us", and Rachel continued to scream when she saw robots walking into the garden, Holding their butchers knifes.

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