The Invisible Man is a 2011 book created by MEGAKID III

The Invisible Man (2011)
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher N/A
Time made October 31, 2011-December 2, 2011
Publication date December 6, 2011
Followed by 2: Time For Being


Ross, a 12 year old kid goes out camping with his family and see's a haunted house on the night of Halloween, he hears noises which are following him with nightmares on every floor


  • Ross: A 12 year old kid camping out with his family
  • Chole: Chole is apart of the haunted house so she only exists on Halloween
  • Steve: A kid who again is apart of the house and he is a best friend of Ross
  • Jordan: A girl who is apart of the house
  • Bob: A boy who is apart of the house

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