The Island is the seventeenth stage in Rise of an Unleashed Army for Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

The Island
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in
Playable Character(s) Starkiller, Jade Wong, Luke Skywalker, Ultimo X
Home stage to Crouzex
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army only

The level starts out on, well, an island. Starkiller is revealed to have "persuaded" Jade Wong to help him with an unknown task. (In all actuality, Starkiller believed Jade to be a demon in disguise, so he put his lightsaber to her neck. But, after they realized that neither of them were the real enemy, they teamed up to fight the demons and discover the fate of Master Chief.)

As they are leaving the island, Ultimo X, who was summoned into the World of Trophies by Jade after a previous encounter, sees Jade with Starkiller and believes that she is being held against her will. He attacks Starkiller, and at the same time, Luke Skywalker, coming from another direction, attacks Jade, believing the opposite of Ultimo X. Starkiller/Ultimo and Jade/Luke fight Ultimo/Starkiller and Luke/Jade, and come out victorious, the two losers becoming trophies. Suddenly, the island is swarmed by demons, who have tracked down Jade in order to keep her from revealing what she found in a previous level.

Starkiller/Ultimo and Jade/Luke revive the other two Smashers, and together, they fight back at the demons. They are successful, but more demons keep coming. in a bizarre occurance, a drifting cloud (the same one from Cloud Drift pt. 1 and 2) flies dangerously close to the island. It pulls a huge chunk of the island away, including the part where Starkiller, Jade, Ultimo, and Luke are standing. But the demons won't give up that easiliy. Their flying demons swarm the cloud, prompting the Smasher to fight yet again. They succeed again, and this time, the demons give up.

The four Smashers turn around to see the facility that Cloud Strife, Blaze, Lara Croft, and Pit are/were in. They cautiously approach the building, and Crouzex charges at them. The level then ends as a picture of Crouzex's face is frozen on the screen, a crazed look in its eyes.

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