The Kataro Syndrome is an upcoming tv series starring

Logan Lerman, Freddie Highmoore, Taylor Dooley, Keke Palmer, Matt Barr, and Lizzy Caplan.


Damon, Craig and Laney are triplet siblings who share an ability called the Kataro which makes them see creature called Darklings, creatures from another universe that ripped a hole in reality and plan to destroy the whole planet piece by piece. The three siblings, aided by Laney's best friend Sharla, try to stop the creature's efforts. Little do they know that their older cousin Tim and his girlfriend Drew, are possessed by the Darklings.


Logan Lerman as Damon Jewels

Freddie Highmoore as Craig Jewels

Taylor Dooley as Laney Jewels

Keke Palmer as Sharla Eppers

Matt Barr as Tim Jewels

Lizzy Caplan as Drew Decker

Taylor Lautner as Jutin Shinn

Rainbow Sun Franks as Tog Towart

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