The killer is an 2006 film about an babysitter and her friends trying to survive an mad man who has escaped from jail.


In the year 1992,An boy is seen killing his pet rat.He asks his mother if they can buy a new one,As his one has ran off.Later on,He is builled by an boy,Who he kills with an baseball bat.He then kills his disabled stapfather and then his sister Mary.He walks into his baby sister Vera,And decides not to kill her.Their mother comes home and screams,And the boy,Who is Ross,Is sent away to jail.

Years later,Carly and friends Michelle and Joni are at school,Discussing what they are doing in easter.Meanwhile,Ross escapes after killing two guards.He knocks out Sam,His therapist and kills Sam's wife Fiona and drives away.

Carly keeps seeing Ross stareing at them,But he disapears.Joni says that she is having sex with her boyfriend Timmy,So Carly is left with kids Frank and Becca.Michelle says that she would get the popcorn and come over after dropping off mail.

That night,Ross kills an old woman and stalks an unknowen Michelle.Michelle is in the shed and finds out it is locked.She manages to get out,But Ross chases her into the house.She runs upstairs and hides in the closet.She phones Carly,But Ross smashes in and drags her out and pushes her downstairs.He then butchers her and ties her up with an rope to the neck,Killing her.

He then kills Timmy who is getting beer for him and Joni.He runs and strangles Joni with the phone cord,But Joni pushes him away.She runs out the street naked,But Ross grabs her and drags her in.

Sam wakes up to find his wife dead.He and his partner Garry run to the graveyard,Only to find the gravestone of Mary gone.Meanwhile,Carly hears screaming which is from Joni.She and Frank and Becca enter the house where Michelle is.They find her and Carly orders the kids to run to their house and lock the doors.

Ross smashes in and chases Carly outside the house at the back.She finds Timmy and Joni dead with the Mary gravestone on top of them.Carly runs to the house and enters.She barricades the entrance,Then hides with Becca and Frank in the closet.

Ross smashes in and trys to kill Carly,But kills Becca by mistake.Carly pushes him out the way and grabs Frank and she runs out the house.She then runs to the old Stone house.They hide there and Carly finds bodies all over the house.She falls into an trap,And Frank runs outside.

Carly wakes up and finds an gun.She grabs it and finds an way out,But an enraged Ross follows her.Carly finds herself falling into the swimming pool,Which is filthy and Ross falls into it with her.She manages to shake him away and gets out.

Sam and Garry run to the street and they knotice the stuggle between Carly and Ross.Ross kills Garry and the other two run back to Frank's house.He chases them in and Sam trys to tells Ross it is not worth it while an terrfied Carly holds Frank.He kills Sam and Carly pushes Frank out the way and Ross stabs Carly.She manages to find Sam's gun and shoots him in the head about ten times.

We then see Carly walking around the street with the gun.An police man finds her and Carly tells him what happened.She is rushed to the hospital,And when the hospital is empty,Ross chases Carly around the hospital.Carly is killed with an axe.

Carly wakes up screaming.It is an year since the killings.She finds out she is Vera,Ross's babysister.She and her new friends Mona and Jane head out to an party.Vera wears an french maid dress and they get high on the drink.

Jane us having protected sex with an random man.Ross apears and kills the man and chases Jane.He stamps on her face about 30 times,Which kills her.Vera and Mona head back to the latter's house.

Mona is outside smokeing when Ross apears and kills her.He chases Vera outside and Vera manages to lock the door but he smashes it.Vera runs to an car.The driver tells her to get in and when she does,Ross apears and kills the driver and pushes the car down the hill.Vera crawls out and runs to the abandoed house and hides.Ross smashes in and trys to kill her,But she blows the house up.It is unknowen if Ross and Vera survived.

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