The Killer Honeymoon is an 2005 film that features the friends characters.Rachel and Ross are in their honeymoon,And they meet Ross's exwife Emily and her new husband Brian.However,When the newly wedded couple find out that Emily and Brian are killers,They fear for their lives when Emily trys to kill them.Can they survive their own honeymoon?


Rachel and Ross head to Marple Island for their honeymoon.They travel around the forest and see Emily.Emily says she has an husband Brian and asks if they can travel with them.Rachel and Ross agree but are suspicious.

When they cross the water,Emily asks Brian something and Rachel and Ross think something is wrong.When they still travel,Rachel nearly falls down the cliff and Emily bursts out laughing.More worried about their safety,Rachel says she is sick and she and Ross try to get away.

Ross then says he has forgot his passport and he walks back.He finds an camara and finds out Emily and Brian killed an newly wedded couple in New york.Brian knocks Ross out.When Rachel is waiting,An mad Emily runs up to her with an knife.

Rachel ducks and Emily nearly falls down.Rachel grabs the knife and she is about to stab Emily's hand,But misses.Emily attacks Rachel and is about to kill her when Rachel kicks her down into the sea.

An enraged Emily pops up from the water and phones Brian.Ross wakes up and sees Brian walking away.Ross jumps on him and he trys to kill him.Ross manages to cut off his finger and runs off.

Rachel is then attacked by Brian and Rachel injures him.She runs off and finds Ross and the two promise they will get to the hotel.However,Emily jumps onto Ross and nearly kills him.Rachel attacks Emily and Ross and Rachel run off.

They run and bump into Brian.He shoots at Ross and when Rachel runs away,Brian has no bullets.Rachel then sees the hotel and runs to it.However,Emily jumps on her and trys to kill her.Meanwhile,Phoebe is dropped off at the airport as she has not heard from Ross or Rachel.

Phoebe then go's to the hotel and then sees Rachel running away from Emily.Rachel crys and mumbles about Ross has been killed.Then,Emily throws an knife which hits Phoebe right in the head.

Ross wakes up and finds an knife.He grabs it and stabs Brian in the neck.Brian falls down and dies.Meanwhile,Rachel runs into the hotel and runs to the pool area.She collapses and is covered in Phoebe's blood.

Emily comes through and tells them that Rachel has just escaped from the mental hospital and killed the woman outside the hotel.However,Brian comes through and it is revealed he is still alive.He kills the guests and staff.Rachel is about to be killed and Ross kills Brian.

Rachel and Ross flee from Emily and an s.w.a.t. team surround the hotel.Emily pretends she is an survivor.However,When Ross captures an sneaking Brian,She tells them it is Ross who is the killer,But then changes her mind and admits it was Brian.They shoot him in the head and Emily commits suicide.


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