The Kitchen is a 2001 Spanish American Horror film written by Alberto Marini and Orio Paulo and directed by Manuel Carballo.

It stars Katherine Isabelle, Michiel Huisman, Paul Rust, Emilie De Ravin, Eric Lively, Ashley Eckstein, Danielle Fishel, Seth Gabel, Christina Vidal, Nora Zehetner, Elijah Wood and Alicia Silverstone.


A Group of youths from the University of Kempshon Barcelonia finish their education and prepare to begin their first night of work as training cooks at an out of the way Barraining Restaurant.

However as the youths roll on in many don't and those who have are maliciously picked off by a masked and concealed maniac wielding a Clever and an assortment of other deadly Kitchen Tools.

The film begins with a woman Julia Keppel with her boyfriend Joshua driving at night to the University of Kempshon.

Julia has forgotten to grab her training cook diplocation from her locker.

Josh decides to go in and get it for her as he already knows her code.

Julia remains in the car as Josh enters the building.

After obtaining the diploma from Julia's locker hears a noise from behind him and after turning around is killed by a Tlaxcala mask wearing person brandishing a butcher's knife.

The diploma then falls from Josh as he is being killed and is then splatted with blood.

Julia meanwhile is waiting in Josh's car outside the building and turns on the radio to hear Air Supply's All Out Of Love which she turns up and begins to sing.

She soon eventually begins to hear noises from outside and becomes alarmed as the car shakes.

The killer then smashes through the backseat window and enters which makes Julia floor the car and begin to back it up.

Julia drives away from the school down a long road as it begins to storm and lightning hits the road.

Lightning then hits the car's left front tyre causing the vehicle to flip over and land on the side of the road.

Julia is now stuck upside down in her seat with the Air Supply song still playing.

The killer then raises his butcher's knife at her for which she closes her eyes with a tear.

The car then explodes as the killer walks away from it and onto the road.

Rain the begins to pur down on the killer's Tlaxcala Mask.

The next scene shows a character Jorja in her home kitchen as the t.v report comes on for Julia Keppel and Josh's murders.

We are then taken back to the University as Jorja and her boyfriend Jamie and their friends all head their for the day farewell ceremony to the Graduating Seniors.

Police interview people before and just after the ceremony eventually interogating Jorja last.

Jorja, Jamie and their friends then head to an out of way Training Restaurant they're signed up for known as The Kitchen.

One of the friends Whitney Ellis however failed to hand in her diploma to the Kitchen at the right time that day and so instead is forced to stay alone that night in her father's house while he is out.

She however calls Jorja just before she is about to depart and asks when she finishes wether she would want to come stay with her at the house.

Jorja then has to go as Jamie and the other's rock up outside her house.

Soon after Jorja hangs up on Whitney Whitney is killed by the killer who is outside and kills her once she progresses outside via a silver pole to the cheek while she is getting up from falling on the ground.

Jorja, Jamie and the friends then arrive at the Kitchen and beging their course with the video of Chef Gualo as Gualo himself was unable to come that night to give them their first course.

Eventually the power begins to flicker on and off and the group discovers all exits of the building are locked.

They are then picked off one by one until it just Jorja and Jamie.

The killer is revealed to be J.T their friend and is thought to be killed himself at Jamie runs into him to prevent him from shooting Jorja but ultimatley taking several fatal shots to the chest himself.

Jorja then escapes through an air vent onto the roof where she uses a large zipwire to get to the ground.

She then drives off in her car to Whitney's house only to find her not to be there.

J.T not dead however rocks up at the house and advances Jorja again.

Jorja eventually discovers Whitney's body before killing J.T finally by knocking him off house garden ladder which then falls upon him.

The police then swarm to Whitney's house as Jorja looks out the window.


  • Katherine Isabelle as Jorja Avery-Winlock
  • Michel Huisman as Jamie Macgregor
  • Paul Rust as J.T Abraham Tobias
  • Emilie De Ravin as Clorene Patricks
  • Eric Lively as Jonah Turnosan
  • Ashley Eckstein as Kiara Patterson
  • Danielle Fishel as Amanda Wit
  • Seth Gabel as Corey Cottonsween
  • Christina Vidal as Jordi Avonery
  • Nora Zehetner as Julia Keppel
  • Elijah Wood as Peter "Petie" Dinkerlage
  • Alicia Silverstone as Taylor Mortet
  • Scott Mechlowitz as Joshua Parker
  • Adam LaVorgna as Marckus Creendett
  • Ivanka Trump as Juliet
  • Antje Trau as Juvlo
  • Majandra Delfino as Whitney-Ellis

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