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The Kinghts of Solaris is an upcoming Science-Fiction/Fantasy novella series that will be written by Talix.


  • The Knights of Solaris: The Orb of Life (Part I)
  • The Knights of Solaris: Return of the Shadows (Part II)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The Golem King (Part III)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The Specter of Twilight (Part IV)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The White Council (Part V)
  • The Knights of Solaris: Revenge of the Syndicate (Part VI)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The Unbreakable Curse (Part VII)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The Sword of Heroes (Part VIII)
  • The Knights of Solaris: The Last Redemption (Part IX)

Series CharactersEdit

Knights of SolarisEdit


  • Leo The Knights' mentor.
  • Harley One of the Knights' allies.
  • Marlin Another one of the Knights' allies.
  • Peter The Sol Family's servant.
  • Cilivains of Solaris

The Dark SyndicateEdit

Major ObjectsEdit

  • The Orb of Bastion
  • The Crystal Armor (Part II)
  • The Twilight Staff (Part IV)
  • The Centeninnal Book (Part VI and Part VII)
  • Excalibur (Part VIII and Part IX)
  • The Sheild of Lancelot (Part VIII and Part IX)
  • Cornoa's Eye (Part IX)
  • Heart of Solaris (Part IX)

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