The L Network ("L" standing for "Lone") is a channel on Time Warner Cable that plays shows of Disney and Nick. The logo was inspired by Disney Channel Brazil.


The L "Lone" Network

Fish Hooks playing on The Lone Network.

It was launched on February 5, 2012, and first played a special new episode of Fish Hooks (as not much people would see the channel while it plays). It started playing many other episodes. On February 6, 2012, the population grew alot, WAAAY more then the other day.

It stayed like that until March 29, 2012, which then they relased the "Featured Show" that they will play for most of the month.

Past Featured Shows

  • April: Fish Hooks
So far it's only existed since.


  • Somehow, releasing this channel made the population for Fish Hooks grow.
  • It so far existed February 5, 2012 to April 20, 2012.
  • It was only released in HD for some reason.

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