The Last Drink is an friends fanfiction.The friends go to an pub to celebrate Ross's wedding with Emily but when Rachel discovers someone upstairs,Things take a turn for the worse when the pub catches on fire.


The friends go to the pub to celebrate Ross's wedding with Emily.Rachel puts her baby Lily on the bed upstairs as the landlord,Vera,Tells her to.When Rachel is coming downstairs,She hears a moan coming from the locked kitchen door.

Rachel tells Vera,Who says it is the pipes.Rachel is suspicious that whole night and an man named Ryan is about to make out with her when Rachel hears Lily crying.

When Rachel goes upstairs,She finds an key and opens the door.An man comes out and says he is Frank,And Vera and her brother Noel locked him in so they could torture him.Rachel buys this story and trys to help him sneak out.

Meanwhile,Chandler and Phoebe share an kiss under the christmas tree and Monica runs away.Vera chases after her and she reveals she is carrying Chandler's baby.

They see Rachel and Frank and Vera tells Rachel he is an junkie.Befour they could say anything,Frank punches Rachel and attacks Vera.Monica runs away and trys to get help,But everyone is drunk that they don't even lisiten.

Frank throws bear and wine all over the floor and sets the pub in fire.The fire speards all around the place and explodes,Making everyone knowing there is an fire.Monica is in the bathroom crying and she smells smoke.

Meanwhile,Everyone is trying to get out but an small explosion kills a couple of people and Joey falls down.Chandler grabs onto him and drags him out of the pub.

Vera runs away from an angry Frank and Vera accidently pushes Noel into the fire.Frank grabs onto Vera and the two start shouting at each other.Meanwhile,Rachel relises baby Lily is upstairs but the stairs are on fire.

She grabs an blanket and covers herself while she runs up the stairs.She threws them away and runs to Lily.Meanwhile,Still in the lounge Ross,Emily and Phoebe are trying to get out.Phoebe gets caught on fire and she falls into an wine cellar,Which kills her and makes an full explosion.

This nearly kills Ross and Emily but they manage to get away from the fire.Monica then opens the door and sees the two running away from fire.Monica quickly shuts the door.

Rachel smashes the window open and crys for the locals to help her.Chandler sees Ross and Emily running from the pub and the lounge explodes,Killing the people still trapped in the bottom.

Ross grabs ladders and climbs up them.Rachel gives him Lily and he hands her down to Emily.However,An explosion occurs which blows up the ladders.Rachel turns around and relises she has to escape another way.

Monica is trying to open the bathroom window and when she does,She relises that she would not fit through the hole.Befour she could do anything,The fire bursts through the window and she blows back into the wall.

Vera and Frank are still argueing and the balcony collapses and kills Frank.Vera is horrified but then is killed when she trips up and falls into the fire.Monica wakes up and crawls to one of the bathroom stalls.

Rachel runs into the kitchen and trys to smash open the boarded windows with a crowbar.When she does,Ross gets another pair of ladders and climbs up for her.When she gets on them,The kitchen explodes making the two fall right into the ground.

Monica starts to cry as the fire gets into the bathroom.Chandler relises Phoebe and Monica are missing and runs into the pub along with Joey.The two run and find Monica in the bathroom.Chandler grabs onto Monica but an explosion seems to kill them all.

Rachel asks Ross where Lily is and he says Lily is in the hands of Emily.Rachel accidently blurts out to Ross that Lily is his baby.Just then,Joey is seen coming out with an knocked out Monica and tells them that Chandler is dead.They start to cry when Phoebe comes out.The pub explodes when she walks up to them,And the locals look on as their beloved pub burns to an crisp.


Rachel wakes up and relises she is in the hospital.She sees Ross coming in and he asks her if Lily really is his baby.She says yes and Ross starts to cry.Rachel tells Ross accidently that Emily was cheating on him when engaged.

Emily is seen talking to Monica but she is in an coma.An doctor comes in and says that Monica is still pregnant.Emily did not know this and tells Ross.Ross tells her about her affair and he tells her to never bother him again.

Phoebe is seen in her house as she along with Joey sneaked out.Joey tells her about Chandler and the two cry.Phoebe tells Joey that Vera,Noel and Frank are all dead.

Phoebe walks out of the house and walks in the burned down pub.She hears memories of what is happened,Such as she and Rachel fighting and Ross finding out Monica is his sister.

More to be continued.

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