The Last Night is an alternate version of Night of the living dead.

One Locked OutEdit

"Oh my god,They are everywhere',Judy screamed to Tom,Who is trying to get in the truck."It's locked",Tom shouted to Ben.Just then,Helen came out of the house as she had the truck keys."Hey",She shouted.Harry grabs onto Helen."Come in",He slapped her face and Helen fell down.An zombie crawls up to her,But Harry stepped on his face."Oh my god",Tom shouted and the truck exploded,Nearly killing Tom and Judy.

Judy fell down the hill,And an couple of zombies grabbed onto her and started to eat her and ripped out her insides.Tom looked on as his girlfriend was getting eaten alive."NOO",Tom shouted as Ben held onto him.

Meanwhile,Helen runs into the house and locks the door and Harry trys to get in."Get me in,Bitch",Harry shouted.Helen turned around and saw Barbara watching the television.Barbara looked at Helen and saw the comotion,But continued to watch the tv."Help me",Helen screamed.

Just then,An undead Karen came out of the basement and looked at her mother,Not noticeing Barbara."Karen",Helen fell down and Karen slowly walked to Helen."Get me in" and "I'm going to kill you",Seemed like miles away when Karen sat down and started to eat her.

Barbara looked at what was happening and stood up.She watched Karen eating Helen.She slowly went to the kitchen and opened the back door and saw a few zombies chaseing after an terrified woman.

"Help me",She screamed.She ran up to Barbara and hugged her."Help me",She then pushed Barbara away and saw what was happening with the cooper family.She let out an scream and Karen looked up.

Two Back InEdit

Ben decided to leave Tom behind as he was mourning the death of Judy

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