The Last Stand is an friends fanfiction.Monica and Ross are late for their father's funeral,Which saves their lifes when they see the undead are coming back to life,And attacking the living.They manage to hide in an farmhouse along with Chandler Bing and his friend,Joey Tribbiani.When they let in survivors Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay,The undead try to get in.Will they survive their last stand.

One AttackEdit

"Ross,We are late",Monica moaned."Well,It is not my fault that mom picked dads funeral all they way over here",Ross got out of the car and slammed the door.Monica got out and looked at the grave yard."Look,We can ask that man over there",Monica pointed at the man.

"Come on",Ross said as they walked over to him."Excuse me",Ross asked.The man simply ignored him."Excuse me",Ross asked again.The man heard him this time,And slowly turned around.Monica looked at his face and shivered.He was pale as an ghost.

The man slowly walked up to Ross,Moaning."Lisiten i",Befour Ross could finish,The man grabbed onto Ross and the two fell down to the ground."Help",Ross shouted at Monica."Wait there",Monica cried and she ran up to the nearby man.

The man turned around when he heard the screams and Monica screamed.He was missing his lower half of his jaw.Monica collapsed and looked at the man.Befour she could react,Ross's screams cut her out of her shocked world.

Monica ran up to the man and kicked him on the face."Help",Monica screamed as the man grabbed onto her leg.Ross grabbed the man and pushed him down the hill."Get to the car",Ross shouted as the two ran up to the car.

"Shit,The keys are inside",Ross cursed as they could not open the door."Look,We need to get to the highway",Ross held onto Monica's arm and he led her to the road.

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