Harry Potter. Harry is sentanced to Azkaban for life. Only Ginny believes he is innocent. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter was walking in the corridor. It was one year after the death of Voldermort, and he was at his house. Harry opened the door, and looked inside.

It was the master bedroom that he and his wife Ginevra Molly Potter nee Weasley stayed in. Ginny had skipped her last year, considering the events of what happened during the war.

Harry lied on the bed, and drifted off to sleap.

He awoke an hour later as he heard a crash. Harry slowly walked downstairs, wand in arm. He turned around and nearly puked.

Luna Moon Lovegood was lying on the floor, dead. Her face was staring at him in shock, and blood was everywhere.

Harry noticed what caused the crash. The vase that he bought for Ginny was shattered. Harry heard movement behind him, and turned around.

Ronald Billuis Weasley saw him, and expected the obvious.

"You killed her", Ron shouted. Tears formed in both men's eyes. "You fucking killed her", he shouted. "I did not", Harry yelled.

"Yes you did. Oh look, there is your cat", Ron snapped. White, Harry and Ginny's cat, was grabbed by the neck from Ron.

"Ron no", Harry yelled. But it was too late. Ron had slit the cat's throat, and White shortly died.

Ron then stunned Harry, who did not expect the attack. He wondered if he was going to be murdered, for a crime he didn't commit.

1998, August 26th, Harry James Potter's Trial for the murder of Luna Moon Lovegood and his cat, White.

"He is innocent", Ginny screamed as Harry was dragged away. Harry's trial was not a fair one. Miss Hannah Abbot, Minister of Magic, did not make a very good minister.

She turned around to see the family. Ron looked smug, Hermione looked confused, and her family, the people she called family, didn't believe her husband did not kill Luna.

"No he is not, Ginevra", Arthur yelled. "He is so", Ginny ran up to Ron, and slapped him. "This is all your fault", she screamed at his face.

Ron turned to Hermione as Ginny ran away.

"What did i do", he asked. "You reported her husband in", Hermione explained.

1999 January Fourth, Azkaban

Harry sat on the chair, waiting for Ginny's arrival. Everyone didn't believe he hadn't killed Luna, but only Ginny believed he didn't. She was smart.

Since Voldermort's death, Azkaban held visiting cells, and no more dementors. However, the guards usually taunted the prisoners.

He saw the woman he had fallen in love with in his sixth year and in her fifth. She frowned as she saw him. "Hello Harry", she said. "Hello Ginevra".

"Don't call me that", Ginny smiled. "Anyway, Hermione is driving me bonkers considering the wedding is next month", Ginny said.

"Are you going", Harry asked, surprised. "No, well maybe. If i will i'm ruining the gits lifes considering they all think you killed Luna", Ginny choked between sobs.

"Wait, Ginny. I think i have a idea", Harry said. "What is that", Ginny asked. "You can cause a distraction, and me and you can run away from here", Harry whispered.

"Harry, are you sure", Ginny asked. Harry nodded. "I will think of one", Ginny said.

The next week, Ginny returned to visit. However, when she left, exploding crackers invented by George caused chaos around Azkaban.

Harry quckly bolted out his cell as his gaurd delt with the cracker. He saw one advancing on to him, and punched him

Harry found the boat Ginny was on and jumped in. "Here is the porkey", Ginny said, pulling out a small key. Husband and Wife grabbed onto it, and they flew up into the air.

Harry and Ginny landed their home. "Ron and Hermione are living here now", Ginny whispered. Harry nodded as both packed.

Just then, Ron came in. "HARRY", Ron yelled. "Get away from her", he raised his wand and tried to stun Harry.

Harry dodged as the curse hit the table. Harry made a dive for Ron's legs and tackled him. Ron screamed in pain as he kicked him on the privates.

Hermione came in and saw the comotion. "Avada Kedarva", she used the killing curse on Harry, but he avoided it.

Ginny ran up to Hermione and punched her on the face. Hermione's nose bled, and Ginny chucked her over the banistor.

Harry and Ginny grabbed their belongings and quickly apparated away.

One, Ron's Tale

Ron was angry at himself and at Harry and Ginny. How could Ginny betray them like that, and have the deceny to push Hermione over the banistor.

Word got out as Harry's escape was revealed. Ron and Hermione were treated like heros as they tried to stop the criminals. Secretly, Ron enjoyed the attention.

Ron opened the door to the Burrow, and Molly welcomed him with a backbone crushing hug. "Thank god you are okay. Hermione is upstairs. Penelope and Angelina are speaking to her".

Ron decided to overhear the conversation.

"That bitch", Penelope gasped as Hermione explained what happened.

"I never knew Ginny Weasley will sulk over to the dark side like Potter did", Angelina agreed.

Hermione was lying on the bed, nose still broke. She too secretly enjoyed the attention, as Ginny had to have the attention more than her.

"Well, i didn't think the slut had the guts to do that", Hermione said.

Ron was pleased his plan was coming together. If only he could kill another and make Harry to be the blame.

Luna Moon Lovegood was dinking a glass of orange juice. She was currently staying at the Potter Manor, as her boyfriend chucked her out.

She heard a crash and turned around. She saw Ron. "Oh hel-", she was cut off as Ron stabbed her in the throat, over and over. He was wearing gloves, so he wasn't covered in blood.

Luna was still alive when Harry came down, but couldn't move or speak, otherwise he thought she was dead. She watched as White was killed, and then died.

Two, Murder

Harry and Ginny were currently at Potter Manor, and Harry was the secret keeper. That way, no one can come in.

"Ginny, more", Harry moaned as Ginny kissed him on the lips. "As you wish", she mumbled as both starred to snog. A Pop was heard, and both turned around.

"Hello Winky", Ginny smiled. They had got three house elfs to help them out. Keature, Winky and Minnie.

"Mistess Potter, Winky heard that Misses Granger thinks you are heading to Godric's Hallow", she said. Harry and Ginny turned around, and smiled.

They were going in the wrong direction. Only Harry, Ginny and the houseelfs knew where the Manor was, and it wasn't in scotland.

One day, Ginny was walking to the cafe. It had been a month since both escaped. They were planning to find out who framed Harry for killing Luna.

Ginny opened the door, and screamed. There was Penelope Clearwater, girlfriend of Percy. "Hello Ginevra", she grinned.

Suddenly, Ginny reliesed this wasn't a cafe. "Please Penelope. You don't understand", Ginny begged. "I do understand, you slut. Breaking someone out of Azkaban lately.

Just then, Clearwater screamed as a curse hit her. Her head exploded, and blood flew everywhere, hitting Ginny on the face. Ginny screamed.

Someone had killed Penelope, and was going to blame Ginny. She turned around, and saw aurors pointing their wand. "It's over Potter".

Just then, all the aurors died the same way as Penelope. More blood splattered Ginny. "HELP ME", She screamed. She quickly ran away, crying. She apparated to the Manor.

"Ginny, what is wrong", Harry asked. "Penelope and the aurors are dead", she collasped. "How did they die", Harry asked. "Their heads exploded, and they are trying to blame me".

"I might know who is trying to set us up", Harry said.

"Who", Ginny asked.

"Ron. Think about it. What was he doing in our house anyway", he asked.

"Oh", Ginny sat down. "Harry, i need to tell you something", Ginny said.


"I'm pregnant".

Three, Truth

Hermione awoke in the early time of the morning. She slowly got up, and she limped to the desk. She turned around and saw Ron sleaping. She smiled.

She turned around, and saw sheet of paper. "What", she asked herself. There wasn't sheet of paper last night. She decided to read it.

Use the Blastending curse, destroy Penelope. Contact Aurors, frame Ginny.

Hermione gasped. Ron framed Harry and tried to frame Ginny. He killed Luna, those aurors and Penelope.

Just then, her mouth was covered by his hand. Hermione tried to scream. She grabbed the wand and poked Ron in the eye. Ron screamed in pain.

Hermione tripped up as she kicked Ron in the shin. She tried to crawl away, screaming for help. She was near the door when Ron kicked her face.

Her world faded to black.

She awoke a hour later, and saw Ron grinning madly at her. "Bitch, i always wanted to rape you since our fourth year. Put your dress on", he raised his wand at her face.

Hermione trembled as she slowly walked to the wardrope. "Wedding or Ball", she asked. "Wedding", he beamed.

Hermione undressed and then put the dress on. She turned around. "Rape now".

Hermione screamed in pain as he shovered her to the bed and raped her. Half a hour later, the door bell rang. "Avada Kedarva", Ron said. Hermione was hit, and fell back to the bed, dead.

Ron walked downstairs. He opened the door and saw Molly. "Hello Mum", he smiled. "Hello. Where is Hermione dear, i need to see her", she said. "Upstairs".

Molly walked upstairs. "In the bedroom", Ron said. Molly opened the door, and screamed. Ron quickly pushed her into the room.

Molly screamed in agony and pain as Ron too raped her. "I have got to tell you Mum, your better than Mione ever was".

Molly cried as she soon relised Ron framed Harry and Ginny. Ron finished his deed. "Get a shower Mum", he pointed at his mum.

She slowly walked to the bathroom. As she got undressed and got in the shower, crying, Ron came in. "Avada Kedarva", and Molly was no more as she collasped into the tub.

Five, Framed Again

Harry was never so happy when he heard Ginny was pregnant. Harry made Ginny insane when he kept rubbing her belly, looking for kicks, and kept looking after her.

"I will help you to the shower".

"I will cook".

However, Ginny still loved him for taking care of him. "Lets read the Dailey Prophet", Harry said as he turned to the newspaper.

"Oh my", Harry whispered. "What is it", Ginny asked.

"Ginny, Hermione and your Mum is dead", Harry said. Ginny bursted into tears. "That's not all. They are saying me and you murdered the pair of them".

Ginny looked up. "That bastard", she whispered. She was going to kill Ron. To kill his fiancee and Mother was over the limit.

"We will place evidence on Ron, darling. Don't you worry. He deserves a life sentance".

Six, No Malfoy

Draco Malfoy and his wife, Pansy were eating dinner.

"Draco", Pansy said. Malfoy looked up. "Don't you dare call me Draco, it is Malfoy to you", he snapped. Pansy looked as if she was going to cry.

Malfoy jumped up, grabbed the plate and threw it at her. "You bitch", he screamed. "I'm pregnant", she gasped.

"What", Draco whispered. "No Malfoy". Draco and Pansy turned around, and "Explerlliamus" and their wands flew over to the red head. "Weasley", Malfoy sneered.

Ron simply grinned at them. "You know Potter and his slut of my sister didn't do all of this", he smiled. "I did".

"Pansy, Run", Draco yelled. Pansy tried, but Ron tied her up in ropes. "Avada Kedarva", Malfoy fell down next to Draco.

"Pansy, i'm going to cut your insides and cook your fetus", he grinned as Pansy looked horrified. "Please", she begged.

Ron pulled out a knife, and stabbed into her stomache. He cut her up, and made sure she stayed alive but still feel alive.

Ron grabbed the fetus, and walked over to the oven. He cooked the over, while Pansy tried to scream. She was dying. Her world faded to black.

However, litte did Ron know Harry and Ginny recored the events and put it in a pensive.

Seven, News

Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Potter, free

It has come to this reporter that the boy who lived and chosen one, Harry and his wife, Ginevra are free of all charges. It turns out that Harry's brother in law, Ronald Billuis Weasley, was the curprit. He had murdered a miss Luna Moon Lovegood, his brother's fiancee Penelope Laura Clearwater, Several Aurors were killed. It is then that he raped his fiancee Hermione Jean Granger and his own mother Molly Janet Weasley. However, that is not all, as he murdered Draco Scorpio Malfoy and his wife Pansy Bellatrix Malfoy and their unborn child, thus all in a pensive Memory. Ronald has yet to be found, and Ginevra Weasley is pregnant. Potter and his wife will be given money in sorry from the Minister of Magic, Kinglsey Shacklebolt.

Eight, Last Killing

Ron Weasley stormed up to his brother's house. He was going to kill all the weasley family, and maybe more. He kicked the door open.

George turned around. "Stupefy", he shouted, but it missed Ron. Ron kicked the man in the shins, and dragged him into the kitchen.

Angelina turned around and screamed as she saw Ron. Ron stunned her, and punched George in the gut. He grabbed a butcher knife, and sliced George's neck.

George's magic made him stay alive for a little bit longer, as he saw Ron rape Angelina. Angelina screamed in pain. "Imperio", and Angelina turned to George.

"Kill". Angelina raised her wand. "Avada Kedarva". George was dead. Ron pullled the curse off. "My god what have i done", she shreiked.

"Crucio". Angelina collapsed and screamed in pain. She banged her head against the counter, her memory wiped forever. Ron proceeded to hide the bodys when the aurors came in.

"Give it up Weasley". Ron raised his wand at his head. "Avada Kedarva".

Nine, Epilouge

Ginny Potter smiled as her eight year old girl Hermione Ginevra Potter was writing her homework from the muggle school. Just like her namesake.

Ginny walked to the next room, and saw her husband Harry. He was playing with the twins, Jasmine Lily Potter and James Remus Potter. Both were five year olds.

Ginny then walked to the last room. She opened the door, and saw her thriplets sleaping. Albus Siruis, Kelly Molly and Luna Audrey Potter.

Harry kissed her neck, and she turned around. "When is Audrey coming", she asked. "One hour", and both shared a kiss.

Bill and his wife Fleur had two children, Vicotire and Dominique. Fleur had a miscarriage for her third child, Louis.

Charlie was homosexual, and happily married to Oliver Wood.

Percy had gotten over Penelope's death and married Audrey Smith. They had four children, Arthur, Molly, Lucy and Sarah.

Harry and Ginny had their five children. Harry was Minister of Magic, and Ginny was a teacher for Potions. She was head of Ravenclaw.

Harry and Ginny walked downstairs, and were greeted by Hermione. "I found out you killed as Basilisk. Is this true, and it tried to kill your mum".

Harry and Ginny faced each other. "You tell her", and Ginny walked back upstairs. All was Normal, since Ron was no more. Harry and Ginny looked forward for their cosy bed.

All was well.

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