"My name is Hawley Griffen and this is Dr. Jekyll, we've come to investigate the.......Disturbances," said the mysterious Mr. Griffen. The hotel owner's eyes lit up in fear. He motioned his head to the room across the bar. The two men advanced toward the room. They slowly entered, trying not to make a sound. When they entered they looked upon a naked woman strapped to a bed. She looked at them and smiled. Two sharp Canines peered through her gums like knives.

"A vampire, just great," said Jekyll. Jekyll then doubled over in pain; his eyes suddenly turned a dark black.

"Jekyll, you crazy bastard, fight it! We have work to do still," screamed Griffen. Suddenly Jekyll turned into a 20ft human monster. Griffen shook his head and striped of his clothes. You'd expect him to be naked but instead nothing showed under his clothes. He was invisible and he snuck behind Jekyll and injected him with a sedative. Jekyll was soon asleep and fell to the ground with a thud. Griffen turned back to the bed, the woman had vanished. Griffen was then hurled across the room. He recovered quickly and drove a stake into the vampires heart.

The two men drove up the long drive way, they stared at a large Victorian style mansion. They parked the car and knocked on the large door. A small skinny man opened the door. He nodded his head and made a gesture for them to follow. The walked down the long hallway. Everywhere tales of riches and treasure surround the walls. There was a wall covered in animal heads and pelts. The skinny man showed them to a large door. He left in a rush, the two men entered the room. In a large lounging chair sat a bathrobe, it was moving. An unseen body was wearing this robe. "Ah yes Mr. Griffen," said one of the men.

"What pleasure do I have, greeting members of the Prime Minister's body guards," said the bathrobe, who we now know is the invisible Griffen.

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