The Lies Beneath is the fourth album from Irish/Welsh doom/death-doom band Nuadhán, released in 2001 via Candelbra Records. It is the first album to feature Siobhán Elle Ciernácht as violinist and keyboardist, who replaced Abigáil Gáth in 1999. It is preceded by 1998's State of Decay and followed by 2004's Requieste.

Track listing

  1. "Burden" - 3:00
  2. "Fiery Heaven's Wept" - 7:45
  3. "...Winter" - 5:15
  4. "Blood and Earth" - 9:00
  5. "An Ode" - 8:05


  • Peter Sheárnden - producer
  • Conácht O'Ráegh - mixer
  • Julia O'Coughney - artwork
  • Brian O'Coughney - vocals
  • Gábriel Dáeh - guitars, vocals
  • Peredur y Gwedynn - bass
  • Kiernan O'Dráhg - drums
  • Siobhán Elle Ciernácht - violin, keyboards
Nuadhán-The Lies Beneath

2001's "The Lies Beneath" was a longer album with less songs, and a focus on more depressive lyrics.

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