Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny get married, have kids, and have an happy ever after. However, befour all of this happened, how did they cope.


Harry James Potter woke up as fresh as an daisy. It had been an decent sleap, since during the time of the war, he and his friends only slept for two hours each day.

He looked over and saw Nevile, holding the Gryffindor sword, while sleaping. He relised Dean and Seamus wasn't there, as Dean was an muggleborn was in hiding.

He saw Ron, tucked up with Hermione. Hermione opened her right eye, and then her left. She saw Harry looking at them.

Harry grinned as he got changed and walked into the common room. He was told that he could sleap in the Gryffindor house.

For the first time, Hogwarts didn't feel like home. As he looked at the common room, he noticed furnitire destroyed, and the chairs were upside down.

He was told by Luna after the war that most of the good students went into hiding in the room of requirement, and only some left when they struggled to get food.

Harry was heartbroken when he discovered this, and was even more sad when he was told that an ravenclaw first year girl had starved to death.

Harry got out and noticed that the hall was in damage. He noticed that all of the people in the potrait's were gone.

He heard sobbing near him. He looked down and saw Ginny, crying. "What's wrong", Harry whispered, which startled Ginny. "Fred".

"Oh", Harry was lost for words. Fred. One of his adoptive family member had died during the battle of Hogwarts. He was there when it happened, and he forgot about it.

"I'm sorry", he whispered again. However, he was took in by surprise when Ginny kissed him on the lips. "I missed you", she said, and the two started to snog.

It was half an hour later when they heard footsteps. Harry and Ginny turned around and saw Hermione, holding an book.

"Ginny i need to ask you something. What happened when we were away, hunting for horcruxes", she asked. Harry looked at Ginny, who looked down.

"Well", she looked up. "Me and Nevile were beaten when we protested during the speech. It was then that we relised not to go to the classes.

Luna found the room of requirement and she banded an group of students. Me and Nevile were chased by Syltherens when we found them.

It was then that we struggled to survive. Luna said she was going to find some food. However, she never returned and i thought she was dead.

Befour Easter, me and Nevile and the students were found out. I managed to escape to the Burrow and me and my family were attacked. The house was destroyed.

I don't know what happened next", Ginny looked down. "It's okay", Harry hugged Ginny. "No it's not. I left them to die", she was angry now.

"No you didn't. But we need to find out what happened after you escaped", Hermione explained. "Well, i think you should talk to Nevile", Ginny whispered.

Harry gave Ginny an quick kiss and the three of them walked down into the Great Hall. Sure enough, there was Nevile, staring at his food.

"I thought you were sleaping", Harry said. "Well, i saw you's two snogging, so i sneaked past", Both Ginny and Harry flushed.

"Anyway, i need to know what happened in Hogwarts after Ginny escaped", Harry asked. "Well, if i need to. Anyway, me and the students were beaten up.

I was shocked when i discovered Dean. He said that he had been tricked and so he was in hiding at this death school.

Me and Dean relised that it was an two man's army and we had to figure out to escape. I know it sounds cowardly but we had no choice.

However, that was when everything went to hell. Snape found out and actualy killed Dean. I manged to knock Snape out and ran to the Room Of Requirement.

I saw several students there, and we managed to lock the room, no death eaters allowed. However, that meant we couldn't get out, so we had to starve.

We tried to ask for food, but it only gave us an Chocolate frog. I swear we were going mental. That was when we all began to not trust each other.

However, you came and pretty much everything leads into here", he explained. Harry was shocked. Luna, Ginny and Nevile pretty much went through the same thing as them.

Meanwhile, Ron was in the room of requirement along with Luna. Ron noticed that all that remained of the room was burned furniture.

"I remember when i saw Nevile and Ginny come in. I was ever so happy", she explained in her dreamy kind of voice. "Yeah".

Hermione came in and noticed the pair. "Hello", she said. "Hello", they both said in unison. To Luna's amusment and Ron's surprised, Hermione planted an kiss right on Ron.

They didn't noticed Malfoy Sr. Glaring at them.

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