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The Lights of Darkness is an 2004 American superhero film and is the first in the The Lights of Darkness. The film is a very successful film anthology film using Jak & Daxter, Iron Man, Hulk, and War Machine. The film is about the world turning into a dark world and Dark (AKA: Dark Eco) is a world source as with Light (Light Eco), and other types of Eco. Obadiah Stane is building a world purifier, and it turns the world into a desert, and very little "big cities" where Haven City and it's the only city in the world that is confined with technology and people.

Plot Edit

Obadiah Stane is working on a machine that will purify the world of Dark and Stark is helping with the project, which is called, Tony's Project: Purification of Life, but something goes wrong, it turns the world into a desert and including America.

Two years later, Tony is living in the Wastelands, a city that is just like Spargus—Even though it is Spargus City—so Obadiah is a living as outer-city Wastelander and his job is to awaken the Iron Monger and destroy Spargus.

Spargus is formerly California, whereupon, Starks home is located, a very large technological city is located in his basement and his home is as big and is the same as it was in the 2008 film, Iron Man. The house is still runned by Jarvin and Pepper Potts is Tony's wife and ex-employee, and since the days go by, a war breaks out between Spargus and the Wastelanders, but it's short-lived.

The Wastelanders find a suit: the Iron Monger. Obadiah is trying to awaken it, which it is a architectal self-controlled Precursor, they try several attempts, but no success, then Tony Stark, Jr. comes and says he can reawaken it.

Soon after a very long day, Spargus starts a manhunt for Tony, Jr., Obadiah, and the Ten Leaders, which is a prestigious group of ten leaders with mystical powers, and destroy things with their evil powers, Obadiah than comes to Spargus and says that he is done with the Ten Leaders, whereas of twenty people who need to awaken the death machine. Then, the bot is awakened, and Iron Man is set out into the Wasteland to defeat the machine and whereupon Iron Man is defeated, the bot than turns to manual, which someone has to use it, so Obadiah jumps in, and attacks Spargus, and all the citizens of Spargus is trying to kill to Iron Monger, but fail, and the machine kills many citizens, but Iron Man defeats Iron Monger, and so once again, the inner-city Wastelanders start a search party for Tony, Jr., but a doomful force apparently stops from them from finding him.

A month passes by and a cruiser from Haven City comes to Spargus with four President-wannabe's and are seeing the Wastelanders choice, but he sees a brutally destroyed Spargus, and many citizens crushed and shot down by the Iron Monger, soon Stark talks to Johnny, one of the wannabe's and says he'd be perfect, which he says that he wants Stark to come to Haven City, but he says no, and a bunch of cruisers come with new Wastelanders, they are, Corilynn "Cori" Woods, Cassandra "Cassy" Mely, Bruce Banner (Hulk), Betty Ross Banner, Alyssa Stafford, Luba Wiscorth, and Rhodes (War Machine), and General Ross gets out and says that these people are going to be banished to the Wastelands forever, and Tony, Jr. sees them, he sees that a Dark was shot off, but it hits him, and his hand is repaired, with technology and kills two members with the Dark powers he gained, but Tony, Jr. falls in love with Cassy, he greets her and the others after he sees them outside, alone, but, Stark comes and his son and him start to conflict each other and get into a battle, and Stark loses to his own son, but an Attack Copter, but the ship was taken down, and Stark runs away, while Stark, Jr, makes a Dark shield, which protects him from the huge explosion from the Attack Copter, the Hulk then jumps into combat, which it awakens the Iron Monger, and it defeats, and which, the Hulk and Iron Man are defeated after a very long battle.

Stark, Jr. is nowhere to be found and some people believe he is dead from the Dark, but he finds more, and desires more of Dark Eco, so he starts a drilling factory and digs up Dark Eco and injects over twenty gallons of Dark, turning him into a smaller version of the Abomination, but with a robotic arm, and hops into the Iron Monger suit, and attacks Spargus, and kills most of the inner-city Wastelanders, and having a final gruesome battle as the Abomination—bigger—and battles Iron Man, Hulk, and War Machine, but Abomination is defeated, and, is cured of Dark Eco, but has to be life imprisoned.

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