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The Lost Boys is a 2012 remake of the 1987 film of the same name. The film stars Joel Courtney, Kacey Rohl, Aaron Yoo, Max Records, Austin Rogers, Johnny Simmons, Miles Elliot, Megan Fox, Dave Franco, Jake Abel, Lee Majors, Anton Yelchin And Diane Lane.



  • Johnny Simmons as Michael Emerson
  • Joel Courtney as Sam Emerson
  • Diane Lane as Lucy Emerson
  • Lee Majors as Grandpa Emerson
  • Max Records as Edgar Frog
  • Austin Rogers as Alan Frog
  • Jake Abel as David Powers
  • Dave Franco as Paul
  • Anton Yelchin as Marko
  • Aaron Yoo as Dwayne
  • Kacey Rohl as Luna
  • Megan Fox as Star
  • Miles Elliot as Laddie
  • Patrick Dempsey as Max


Sam, Amber, Star, Michael, Lucy, Laddie,Alan and Edgar


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