The Man With The Hairy Back is a 2000 American Drama film written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring Hugo Weaving, Penelope Cruz, Andy Garcia, Kim Cattrall, Sela Ward and features writer/director Guillermo himself as the titular man with the hairy back character.


A Strange eccentric countryside man dealing with the loss of his wife is wrongly accused of the abuse of a 16 year old high school girl and 8 year old little boy.

What surfaces is an elaborate scheme set up by the two alleged victims and the accused to have falsley accused of a crime against them and when the true evidence shows the true crimes committed against them by their own parents will be exposed.

The film apart from the central conspirary being taken to court story is that of the detectives involved: one in particular dealing with his partner in acoma because of a shootout he pushed him into and the defending lawyor of the two kids Opium Mannenvield whom is a prestigous lawyor whom begins to unravel the conspiracy at hand and grapples with the choice to expose and have the two kids and man put away for it and do by morals what is best by letting them expose what's happening to them because of the parents.


  • Hugo Weaving as Attorney Opium Mannenvield
  • Penelope Cruz as Cassandra Gillord
  • William A. Johnson as Billy Gillord
  • Andy Garcia as Governor Baxter Dark
  • Kim Cattrall as Helena Dark
  • Rachel Hurd-Wood as Tenielle Hallie-Burton Dark
  • Sela Ward as Deceased Druana Tumble
  • Guillermo Del Toro as Bruce Tumble
  • Audrey Landers as Opposing Attorney Gale Crossford
  • Tony Gilroy as Mechanic Neighbour Douglas Reinhold
  • Brett Cullen as Supervisor Amory Glass
  • Gary Ross as Judge Yarnley Henblow
  • Dwight Yoakam as Uncle Harrison Dark
  • David Caruso as Acoma-tose Officer Ethan Peterson

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