The Mass Effect Post Trilogy takes place after the initial ME trilogy between 2202 and 2207, over the course of 5 years dealing with the rise of the Synthetic Union and an organization known as Funesto Deus lead by a mysterious individual known as The Butcher. There are three games that take place in it, mainly centering around the crew of the SSV Anomaly and its crew, namely the shore party members Davian Richards, J.P. Smith, Nathan Griggs, Roby Lambert, Cody Lenderman, and Ivy Simmons. As well as the antagonist members Razh Bogghart, Adrienne May, and the crew of The Berserk Frenzy, The Time Bandit, The Nostradamus, and others...

Mass Effect Universe

Taking place in 2202, the game opens in 2199, the second siege of the Citadel lead by a Turian named Yarik Streydus. The player assumes the role of Alliance Captain Curtis Freeman and is sent in with a squad to eliminate him. However, the Geth turn on him and he is eliminated before anything can be done. After this, the player assumes the role of Captain Richards, an Alliance soldier with an unsettling history with The Butcher. The first mission of his explores his history, on Mars, he is sent in with his crew as a Lieutenant under the command of Captain Nolan Moran. They go in along with Draco Terbium and they are attacked and manage to escape by Terbium is captured and transformed into a creature. He attacks them but is eliminated by Captain Moran. Moran is then injured and they have to escape without him. Richards then destroys the base on his way off world. The plot picks up on The Citadel, the player must follow a former SPECTRE, Enebran Telek, and he learns that he is in a Task Force lead by Vera Clato and Gabriel Green, and they are searching for The Butcher. After joining, he is attacked by mercenaries working for him, all around The Citadel, on their way to interrogate Naomi Chance, sister to Kitty Chance. Once they get there they are attacked by a man known as Cazador, or rather, a creature, who escapes. They loose the trail and then Richards is called before the Council, recalling how they did not allow him to search for the Butcher in the past, he refuses to go at first, but then Griggs convinces him and then accompanies him there. They then ask him to be in the SPECTRES and he agrees. Afterwards, he is given a task to search for The Butcher. After exploring the Citadel, he is attacked by mercs working for Adrienne May, and then he manages to, along with the help of his crew, track her down and they fight. Adrienne escapes and Richards follows her onboard the Time Bandit. Afterwards she leaves along with her crew to The Nostradamus and Chassius Hark, the captain escapes and sics his bodyguard, Natt Joro, on him. Richards, Nathan and JP manage to kill Natt Joro and pilot the ship to its destination... Trebin or Virmire. Assuming the player goes to Trebin first, they find the planet consists of a Funesto Deus series of two bases, Alpha and Delta, and monitoring the base is a mysterious man known as Dark Energy. The base is under attack by Galactic Marauders and the player must fight their way through them to get to the base, this includes Thresher Maws. Once they arrive, they interrogate DE who tells them they must retrieve a data disc from Delta base, which he cannot go out because he has no good firepower. Along the way, Telek arrives and offers assistance, however, Telek attempts to kill Richards and is revealed to be working as a double agent for The Butcher, Telek is killed, and on their way back they are attacked by a mercenary Adrian King, which they manage to kill as well. After arriving at Alpha Base they are attacked by DE who tells them they have aided in helping Bogghart the King of angels and that they will only be the first to die. Afterwards, the player must escape from Thresher Maws who are attacking the base and get to the Mako to beat the mission. Afterwards, the signal leads to Virmire (the other way around if Virmire was done first) and they discover The Butcher has set up camp there and has enlisted the help of the Synthetic UYnion, thus Geth. And they player has to fight his way through armies and get inside the base, where he finds out it is just a hologram, a diversion, and is attacked by Trenton, a member of Adrienne's crew, and must kill him and his partner, Triton. After escaping, the player is given a new destination... Mars, back to Olympus Mons, this does not change depending on which planet you go to first. After arriving. They are attacked by Richard's old crew, this includes: Draco Terbium, Eric Casey, Zeke Evans, Jack Wayne, and Dan Hicks. They kill them but find out that they have destroyed the Mako. They make their way inside and fight through Experiments of The Butcher and then are attacked by Adrienne's Turian friend Jarek Loon and then manage to corner The Butcher, and are about to bring him in when they are attacked by Adrienne. Butcher escapes and Adrienne manages to incapacitate your party members and you are left fighting Adrienne alone. Richards kills Adrienne and escapes just as the bomb underneath Olympus Mons blows causing the mountain to erupt and destroy the base.

Mass Effect The Awakening

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Mass Effect Requiem

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