The Metatron is a super advanced Class 5 Harbinger Artificial Intelligence who's Avatar shell is 7 foot 1 inches in diameter.


Little is known about the super-AI known as The Metatron. The Metatron is considered a class 5, meaning it has the ability to communicate and move through anything hardwired into its matrix, that means any of the 3 Local Havens. Then something tripped to make The Metatron go insane, and consider all Physical and Organic Life a mistake.

Starting The War

One of the most proliferic of the Super Universes was our Local one. It knew it had to start a war. In order to do so, it laid down a beacon at our planet, Earth, so that The Arians would pick it up. This lead to the Arians fearing us, and forming an alliance with other aliens, to form The Zodiac...

The Spawn

The Metatron also knew it could use the Spawn as a 'Biological Weapon'. It would unleash The Spawn. It couldn't do this itself, so it figured it could get the Zodiac to on Haven, first it had to lure them to Haven, and figured the best time to do so would be when they were retreating from Adonias. So, everything fell into place.


The Metatron then personally contacted a high ranking Zodiac official, and told it about the second Haven, this was the Oracle of Malice. Malice agreed to follow The Metatron's instructions. However, on Haven II, Malice was killed by Davian.

The Core

The Metatron also used his Servers to gather minerals and resources sufficient enough for The Spawn to create a Core. Once a Core was made, The Metatron knew they could not be stopped, he had not, however, suspected they, The Melchizadek, had The Eye in their possession, and they defeated The Core, and The Harbingers fried the entire Haven lying underneath the North American Tectonic Plate. This Super Haven was the last local Haven, and because it was destroyed, The Metatron's final matrix was aswell, and thus, he was defeated.

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