The Monster That Stays True To Home is a 1996 Drama Thriller film written and directed by classic time bending writer/director David Lynch.

It was the classic film which became the inspiration for the popular Angus and Julia Stone song Paper Aeroplane.

The film stars Claudia Christian as the Stepmother/Secret Man Hallie Oswald, Michael Sharrett as the father Martin Oswald, Rachel Griffiths as Lara Mooye, Patrick Gallagher as the Sick Large Balloon/Gardener Man for the Oswalds, Sam Rockwell as the boy Billy Oswald and Jim Caviezel as Him/ A Man whom had tried formerly to abduct Lara as a child.


The film is set in 1953 Wyoming.

A rich mansion propieting family named the Oswalds suffer a terrible tragedy.

The Oswald boy Billy Oswald is abducted and taken off with.

As what remains of the family falls into despair over the years a glimmer of hope rises to finding the lost Billy and determining his fate.

His childhood best friend: Lara Mooye who came from a moderate wealth family in Wyoming and was the beautiful little girl he used to hang around with grows up and begins to find strange dream prophecy clues to where he is.

She discovers a great many twists and faces horrifying danger as well as the ultimate horrifying fate of little Billy Boy Oswald.

Big TwistEdit

The film turns to show that the Motherley Voice character which is one of the abductors of Billy Oswald and none other then his stepmother Hallie who is indeed an actual former man named Harry Lincoln whose brother Harvey is mistaken for one of the abductors and murdered by father Martin Oswald which sends him to prison and onto death row.


  • Rachel Griffiths as Lara Mooye
  • Claudia Christian as Hallie Oswald/ Harry Lincoln
  • Michael Sharrett as Martin Oswald
  • Patrick Gallagher as Aldrich Parkinson/ Oswald Mansion Gardener/ Sick Balloon Man

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