The Nap Partners is an friends fanfiction.Ross and Joey relise they love each other after sleaping,Which causes them to sneak around.How will Rachel react when she finds out.Will Phoebe ever tell Monica about her true feelings.

One The Partners

"Tell me Ross,Was this is the best nap you ever had",Joey demanded."No it isn't,I'm in love with girls",Ross was freaking out.He never sleapt or kissed an guy befour."Shut up",Ross mouthed as he heard Monica coming in."Guys,Can i have milk please",She asked."Sure,In the fridge",Joey never took his eyes from Ross.

"Bye",Monica left the room,Not seeing the tension between the two."Do you want to do this again",Joey asked Ross."Sure",Ross walked up to Joey and kissed him right on the lips."What are you doing",Joey asked."Kissing an guy",Ross continued on the kiss and Joey moaned.

Meanwhile,Phoebe was in the hall and opened apartment 19's door."Guys do you-",Phoebe was shocked of what she was seeing.Joey and Ross were snogging on the couch,Not even seeing Phoebe.Phoebe quietly walked out of the apartment and carefully shut the door.

The next day and Ross woke up in bed,With Joey."What the hell",Ross muttered.Then he remembered the night befour."Oh my god",He gasped in shock.Joey woke up due to Ross and cried out the same."I think you should go out",Joey asked him."Maybe i should"

Ross quickly got changed and walked out of the apartment,Not seeing Joey's sad face.He decided to go to the coffee house when he saw Phoebe sitting in the orange chair."Hello Pheebs",Ross put on an fake smile."I saw you and Joey doing it last night",Phoebe shot a smile back at Ross.

"What",Ross was shocked.They were found out."Don't worry,I will not tell Monica,Chandler and Rachel.So when did you's get together",Phoebe was dying to get information."Phoebe,We only slept together and i decided to kiss him and that is what happened",Ross was lost for words.

"Oh,I see.What is going on right now.Are you in love with him",Phoebe asked.Ross stared into space and started to think."No,But i do now",Was all he said."Fine,I will tell you my secret if you telll the truth",Phoebe smiled at Ross."Fine,But only crush,Nothing more",Ross stared at his coffee.

"The same with Monica",Phoebe then relised what she just said."You were in love with my sister",Ross was shocked of what he was hearing."Yes,Right after i moved out.When i saw how upset Monica was,I had dreams",Phoebe was holding back her tears."You were in love with Monica",Came an voice from behind.

Two Big Shock

"You were in love with Monica",Joey cried out in shock."Yes,I was.But Ross is in love with yo-",Phoebe relised she just spilled Ross's secret.Just then,Rachel came in looking depressed."What is going on",Phoebe asked."Well,Tag just died of an car crash.Can you believe that",Rachel looked down sadly at her bag.

"Anyway,I need to go,Sorry Rach",Ross said as he walked out of Central Perk.Gunther had heard about Ross and Phoebe's loves,But he was not going to say anything.In fact,He was going to blackmail them.

Two hours later and Chandler and Joey are watching die hard.Just then,Phoebe came in."Joey can i speak to you,Please",Phoebe asked Joey."Sure",Joeu walked out of apartment 19."Joey,Don't you dare tell anyone about my or Ross's secret",Phoebe knew he would never say anything about Ross's.

"Okay,But i'm not promising anything",Joey walked back into the apartment and Pheobe turned around.She saw Monica coming up the stairs.More to be continued.

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