The series begins with the lush country landscape and Joetenks' farmhouse. Screen cuts to a valley where Joetenks chases a massive tyrannosaurus at speeds rivaling that of a supercar. He ends up biting off The dinosaurs tail and letting it go with its pride lost. He cooks the meat on the spot and devours the entire tail, saying that "todays the day i go back". Joetenks returns home and collects his things before leaving with a backpack, taking a backroad to the city. On the way, he is encountered by an ages Cyborg Tao, who threatens to take his life if he doesn't hand over his valuables. Joetenks meerly laughs and says "try if you dare".

Tao attacks Joetenks with all his might, but no matter how he tries he cannot land a single hit on the human warrior. Joetenks then takes tao down and knocks him out in a single move, a snap kick to the back of the neck. Joetenks continues to go into the city but encounters a young woman only a few years older then him. She is being chased by bandits for an unknown reason, and Joetenks intervenes by defeating the bandits effortlessly, till they bring out their guns and open fire. Joetenks effortlessly deflects every bullet with a speed that makes him invisible, and takes them out when his power their ammo is depleted. The girl thanks him and reveals herself under the name Matta, Joetenks asks why she was running and she says they wanted to steal her treasure, revealed to be three dragon balls. Matta explains that once you collect all seven, You can have any wish you want granted.

Joetenks becomes interested and proposes they work together to find them, thinking that he can wish to become the strongest human in the univers and fulfill his goal. Matta agrees thinking that she can use him to her advantage in collecting the dragon balls with how strong he is. The two agree to work together and travel to the city, after Joetenks reveals that he wants to find a master who can make him even stronger. Little do they know that they are being watched from a distance by an unknown figuire.

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