Ginny Wishes For Someone To Save Her... Harry/Ginny

Chapter One: Small GirlEdit

Ginevra Weasley never cried.

It was a well known fact inside her family. Growing up with seven brothers had made her tough and strong, despite her small size.

But now she was crying, and for good reason at that.

It had all started a week ago, when she had just finished her fifth year, not knowing she would be kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

One Week Ago

Ginevra Molly Weasley looked up when the door opened, and saw Ronald Weasley, her brother, and his girlfriend Hermione Granger.

"Lo", Ron said, and he sat opposite her, Hermione on her left. Hermione and Ginny were almost like sisters, but that didn't mean that she liked the fact that Ron snogged her face off most of the time.

The door opened once again, and the three occupants in the compartment turned around to face the ever so arrogant Draco Malfoy, with his two goons behind him.

Draco sneered at them, and commented, "Weasley". Before Ron could tell Malfoy to sod off, there was a very loud Crack.

Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange walked into the compartment, and Draco and his goons whipped out their wands and terrorised the rest of the students.

Ron and Hermione whipped their wands, but Ginny couldn't find hers. "Crucio".

Pain, uninmaginable pain was the only words Ginny could describe as the Cruciatus Curse hit her and she fell to the floor, but she bit her lip. She would not scream.

"Expelliarmus", Hermione yelled, and Bellatrix's Wand flew over to her and Lestrange flew across the hall and stuck the hall with a crunch. Malfoy Sr. was angry, very angry indeed, and he held out his wand and the words, "Avada Kedarva", was out of his mouth and the Killing Curse missed Hermione and smashed the window.

Ginny quickly lept at Malfoy Sr.'s legs and tackled him to the floor. She punched and clawed at his face, and did not notice Lestrange behind her.

It was too late when she did notice.

One Week Later

Ginny now was in the dungeon's of Malfoy Mannor, and she was starkers. She had been tortured and raped by all Death Eaters, but they needed her alive, so Dobby the house elf had been healing her once the torture was over.

Ginny could feel the moon shining on her. There was a little window, and she could only peek through it to see if it was day or night.

She turned around, and wished with all her might someone would save her.

It had worked when she was possessed by Tom Riddle, now known as Voldemort. Dumbledore had saved her.

So why can't someone save her now...

Nobody noticed a falling star hit the Malfoy Manor's Roof.

Chapter Two: Edit

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