The One With The Invasion is an Friends fanfiction. The friends are forced to fight for their lifes when a group of aliens attack new york. Will anyone survive.

One Prolouge

"Come on", Chandler said as he relaxed on his new couch. His wife, Monica was going to relax with him."Okay", She cried and she came out with an red dress."You look beautiful", Chandler was looking at her like an idiot in love. Well, He was an idiot in love.

Monica slowly walked to the couch and smiled at her husband. "Come on", Chandler put his hand on the space he was saving for her. Befour she could sit down, Ross came in with Phoebe.

"Hey guys", Ross and Phoebe greated at the same time. Monica looked at the happy couple and sighed."What", Ross asked, Confused."Well, I really want to be in the stage were you are in. You know it is just talking and great sex", Monica looked at Chandler."Don't worry, Monica at least you could are in an perfect stage", The two kissed after Chandler's short speach.

"Get a room", Phoebe said as she walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of cola."Wait a minute", Ross gasped."What", They all asked him."I forgot to pick up Joey and Rachel from the airport", Ross ran out of apartment 20 as fast as he can.

"So their back from the honeymoon", Monica asked Chandler and Phoebe."Yeah, They said they had an great time in Florida", Phoebe said as she opened the bottle lid.

Meanwhile, An woman is seen running from an couple of green aliens who were in grey clothes all over. The woman ran up the stairs, Still getting chased from the aliens.

"Help me", The woman screamed as she tripped up. The woman quickly got up, But one of the aliens grabbed her leg, Tripping her up again. "Help, Please", The woman begged for help as the aliens simply looked at her. Befour she could say anything, One of the aliens put his middle finger and slowly touched her eye. The woman screamed for an second, But died five seconds later.

Two The Park

"It was lovely, We went to the beach and everything. Also, We became friends with the woman called Ruth", Rachel explained as her four friends and husband were lisitening."Wow, it seems you had fun", Monica smiled."Yes, We did", Rachel kissed Joey on the lips and got up.

"Lisiten, Want to go to the park, You know have an picnic", Ross suggested."Okay, We should do that", Joey agreed as well at the others.In half an hour they were all packed to go to central perk.

When they got there, They decided to play a game of football. Ross,Rachel and Phoebe against Monica,Chandler and Joey. Monica's team won, To the annoyance of Ross.

Meanwhile, An ten year old boy named Dave was walking his dog, Harry."Come on boy", Dave said to the dog as Harry tried to smell the bushes. Befour he could say anything, An green hand came out of the bushes and grabbed onto Harry.

"Harry", Cried Dave as he tried to pull Dave away. Dave heard footsteps and he turned around. He screamed at what he was as an green alien with full black eyes was behind him.

"What is that screaming", Chandler asked as they heard it from an distance."Probary a prank. You know how it is in Halloween", Phoebe said as she tucked into her sandwhich.

When they finished, They got up and then they heard an scream."What the-", Ross was cut off from an scream. They all looked up and saw an couple of round ufos flying around the sky.

"What the hell is going on", They all asked themselves when they saw them. Befour anyone could react, An ufo started shooting lazers at people."Hurry hurry move move", Chandler screamed as they abandoed their picnics to escape.

They were running away they they noticed Central Perk."Come on we need to get there", Rachel screamed as they started to head that way.Monica was the first one in, Then Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and then Ross.

Befour anyone could say anything, The lights were cut off. Then there was an scream.

Three The Escape From Coffee

Befour anyone could say anything, The lights were cut off. Then there was an scream. Everyone turned around and could not see what was happening. Just then the lights came on and the woman screamed and the men yelled at what they saw.

There was alien taking an heavily pregnant woman hostage."Get away from her", An man yelled as he ran up to the alien with an butcher knife. The alien reacted so fast that it killed the man and then it ripped the baby right out of the woman's body.

"Oh my god", Rachel and Monica screamed. The alien slowly walked to them but then everyone heard an gun shot.They all turned around and saw Gunther with an shotgun."Gunther you have an shotgun", Ross asked shocked."Yeah", He said as he gave an shot at the alien.

The shell hit the alien right on the skull, Killing it instantly. Befour they thought it was dead, The alien let out an right shreik which deafened them to the point they thought they were deaf.

"What noise did that make", Joey asked shocked. Just then, They saw a bunch of aliens running right up to the coffee house."Everyone in the back", Gunther yelled as the survivors made themselve out to the back.

Befour Gunther could get out himself, An alien grabbed onto him and jagged it's tail right in his neck. He was about to scream but his voice cords weren't working, So he was yelling stuff no one could hear.

"We need to go back to the house", Ross whispered as the six friends sneaked back into the building, While the other survivors were running a different place.

Four The Fight In The Kitchen

The six kept running up the stairs like they never ran befour. They were quiet shaken by the whole event, But they had to keep their minds off it so they could survive."Thank god", Phoebe muttered as they got to apartment 20.

"Hurry up", Rachel cried as she saw an alien in the cornor. The alien thought none of them had seen it, So it was hiding."Inside", Ross whispered as one by one they rushed into the apartment.

Monica quickly closed and locked the door. Monica laid her back against the door, Wondering what to do next. Befour anyone could react, An tail stabbed right on Monica's chest, Making blood coming out of her mouth.

"Monica", Ross and Chandler shouted as they ran up to the desceased Monica. Phoebe and Rachel slowly walked away, Getting shocked by the minute."Look out", Joey shouted as an alien smashed the window and grabbed onto Phoebe's hair.

"Help me", Phoebe screamed as she tried to stop the alien. Rachel was grabbing onto Phoebe so she could not get dragged out along with Joey. They were unlucky and the alien grabbed Phoebe's hair and pulled her straight out of the window.

"What happened to Phoebe", Ross cried out and then he heard her screams."Noooooo", Ross screamed as he ran up to the window, Leaveing Chandler mourning Monica.

"Help", Joey shouted as the alien that killed Phoebe managed to get in and was on top of him. Rachel was about to run up to the alien but Ross grabbed onto her. She was shouting and screaming as the alien ripped off Joey's head.

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