Harry Potter. Harry, Ron and Ginny travel back in time and live again so they can stop their loved ones dying.


Ginny screamed as she witnessed her friend Luna sliting her throat. Luna fell down next to Nevile, who got hit by the killing curse.

She heard screams and yells coming from all directions. She saw Harry and Ron trying to stop Greyback eating the first years.

Ginny screamed as more spiders came in, one attacking and ripping Percy's insides out. Ginny was about to run over when someone grabbed her.

She turned around and saw Hermione. "This way", she whispered. She was leading her upstairs when an thud was heard.

Both of them turned around and saw Seamus bleeding to death. Ginny screamed as Bellatrix Lestrange set the stair case on fire, traping her and Hermione.

Ginnny saw an broom lying on the floor and she grabbed it. "Come on", she shouted. However, she heard screams. Ginny turned around.

Hermione was burning, and screaming. She looked at Ginny with a look of horror, and fell down, into the flames.

Ginny flew down and cried. Her other best friend had died befour her very eyes. She heard more screams and turned around.

Molly and Arthur were fighting Bellatrix. Bellatrix managed to kill Athur, befour she was killed by Molly. Molly jumped on top of Arthur, trying to revive him.

Ginny screamed as the crowd tried to flee. Hogwarts was blowing up. Ron grabbed onto her and the two of them were weapt into the fleeing crowd.

She turned around and saw Harry and Voldermort fighting each other. Ginny pushed Ron to the ground and started to run to the fight.

However when she was near them, she felt as if she walked into something. She relised there was something blocking her to the fight.

Meanwhile, Ron tried to get to the castles as the crowd fled. However, there were more screams as he turned around. Death eaters were killing them.

The rest of the crowd tried to get up. Ron searched for Hermione. "Where is she", he screamed among the crowd.

Ginny watched on in horror as the castle was falling apart. She screamed as an green light flashed befour her very eyes.

She saw Harry sobbing and she ran and hugged him. He hugged her back. The two of them locked lips as Voldermort layed there dead.

They continued to kiss as the castle fell. Ron swore as the caslte was now fallen apart. "Ginny, Harry, Hermione", he shouted as he ran to the ruins.

The next day, Ron managed to find them. Ginny hugged him, and Harry also hugged him. Ron asked where Hermione was.

"She's dead", Ginny whispered. "No", Ron collapsed, sobbing into the darkness. Harry also let tears come out, and Ginny had a tear in her eye.

Ginny saw an prensive. "Look", she whispered. The other two turned around. "The battle", he whispered. "Who did it", Ginny asked. Harry shrugged.

Ginny walked to the pensive and looked in, along with Harry and Ron. They saw Bill, Fluer and Minerva battling Dementors.

They saw Fluer's horrified expression as Bill was kissed. Minerva drowned as she fell into the later, and was stuck. Fluer was later kissed.

They saw Charlie and his friends, riding dragons. They were heading towards the caslte when the giants attacked them.

Charlie fell into the astromony tower, where George was crying while Angela was trying to confront him. George yelled as he saw Charlie.

He tried to wake him up, While Angela relised th death eaters found them. She was about to stun one of them when she was blasted and fell from the tower.

George killed himself befour he was killed. They then saw Amelia and Susan Bones getting attacked by one of the werewolfs.

Ameila was bitten by one, and managed to kill one who bit her. Susan, having enough, accidently let out magic which destoryed the Hufflepuff common room and the werewolfs.

Hagrid and Molly were seen, battling the death eaters. Fang ran and bit Lucious. Lucious killed the dog and killed Hagird. Molly faked her death and killed Lucious.

They saw Molly and Arthur's deaths replayed again. Just then, everything faded to black, and then back again.

Harry, Ron and Ginny found themselves in an white office. They saw Dumbl

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