Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny Join The Order Of The Lions. Alternate Universe. Harry/Ginny

Chapter One: When Harry Met GinnyEdit

Harry James Potter sighed as he continued to read his book, wondering when his parents and his brother would come. It had been two hours before they had left.

James Harry Potter and his wife Lily Rose Potter were on the verge of boredom. Albus Dumbledore was telling them about their son, Andrew Siruis Potter.

Ever since the night of Voldermort's 'death', Andrew was the boy who lived. Lily loved both her sons, as did James, but Dumbledore seemed to make sure they just loved Andrew.

"Albus", Lily cut Albus before he could continue. "Yes Lily, is this about Andrew, because he is next door", he said. "No, it is something else".

"Well go on", Albus twinkle in his eye flashed. "Why is it you are keeping us away from Harry", she asked. The headmaster of Hogwarts wasn't expecting that.

"Well, it is simple. He will fall to the dark side", he explained. James looked ready to kill Dumbledore with his bare hands, Lily more the same.

"So what. The dark arts isn't evil is it", Lily snapped. "He would be a threat to your son", Dumbledore said.

"Batus Bogus", Lily shouted. A Yellow light flashed out of her wand and hit Dumbledore's nose, and green bogey bats came out and started to attack Dumbledore.

"Run", James yelled as both ran into Andrew in the next room. "Why did you attack Dumbledore", he sneered. "Wai-", James was cut off as he was blasted by his son.

"Hello Lily", and Andrews form changed. He soon became Serveus Snape. "Snape", she hissed. "Where is my son", she snapped.

"Lily, darling Lily, Dumbledore as him at his service", he said. "He should soon defeat the dark lord", he said. "Batus Bogus".

Lily quickly awoke James and both apparated from Hogsmede. They saw Harry reading his book. He looked up. "Where were you Mother and Father", he asked.

"I think we were bad parents to him", Lily fought the urge to sob. "No, Dumbledore made us", James told her.

"What is it", Harry asked. "Dumbledore has kidnapped your brother and is training him to defeat Voldermort", James explained.

"Well, father. I know why Voldermort is not dead", Harry said. James and Lily looked at their son in awe, terrified and guilt all at the same time.

"Why Harry", James asked. "He made a horcrux", he said. James looked clueless, while Lily paled. "Where did you read that from", Lily asked.

"From the Library", Harry said. "What is a horcrux", James asked. Harry looked up. "If someone murders someone, they can make a horcurx, can it be a object and animal, and they would live forever if the horcrux isn't destroyed. If it is, they can die", he said.

"My word", James whispered. Lily looked up at James. She sobbed. "This is Dumbledore's fault. He did this to my boy, my baby boy", she cried and cried because of her parent skills, Brian and how scary Harry was with his smarts.

more to be continued.

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