Harry Potter: Harry's twin brother is the boy who lived. Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter awoke from his nap. He glanced at his watch. It was Four O'Clock in the morning. Harry yawned, and he crept out of the room.

He quickly ran as silently as he could to the Library. He opened the door, and looked for the books he needed. He picked up the book, and dashed back.

Harry opened the bedroom door. He closed it with a charm, and fell to his bed. Lumus.

Harry glanced at the title of the book. Patronus.

Harry opened the book, and read the book inside his thoughts.

A Patronus is a spell which is given out by the soul. It forms the shape of an animal which the user feels it protects them from danger. A Patronus could protect the user and others from Dementors, see page 45.

Harry continued to read the book, and finaly finished the book in a matter of an hour. Harry raised his wand. His Godfather Siruis had took him to Diagen Alley to get his wand.

"Expecto Patronum", and Harry's heart lifted as he saw his form change into a phoneix. Harry was surprised, as the phoneix flew around for about an hour.

"That's enough", Harry said, and he put the wand in his pocket. Harry went back to his nap again, waiting for another chance of sleap.

Hours Later, Harry was reading books about spell casting when he heard the door knock.

"Come In".


In came a girl with long red hair, with chocolate brown eyes and freckles.



"Who are you", she asked shyly.

"Harry Potter", he said.

"Are you the twin of Neil", she asked. Harry nodded.

"I don't like him. He wans't anything i thought he would be", she explained.


"Who are you", Harry asked. "Ginevra Weasley. But please call me Ginny", she smiled.

"So what are you reading", she asked.

"Charm's and hexes", Harry explained. "You've got a wand", Ginny said, noticing the wand on his bedroom table.

"Yes. Can you keep a secret", Harry asked. "Sure", was the reply.

Harry raised his wand. "Expecto Patronum", and the form took off. The Phoneix flew around, and Ginny was in awe.

That moment on, both became best of friends.

Chapter One: Anamigus

"Are you sure the potion is ready Harry", Ginny asked. Harry looked up. "I'm sure".

Harry and Ginny wanted to be an anamigus, so they brewed the potion. The only person who know of this was Siruis, and he was more than happy to help.

"Seems to me like you're becoming like me and your father", he had said. Harry had rolled his eyes when his back was turned.

"Right, lie down on the bed", Harry said. Ginny layed on the bed, and she took a drink of the potion. She fell asleap.

Siruis came in. "Harry, you lay down now", and Harry did the same as Ginny.

Ginny's View

Ginny was walking in the jungle, and she heard a noise. She looked up, and saw a eagle. The eagle flew up to her, and landed on her shoulder.

"Are you my anamigus", Ginny asked the bird. The bird looked at her, as if saying he was the animal. "You're pretty".

Harry's View

Harry found himself standing up in the sky. It was weird. Because the sky was moving, yet Harry was moving too but was just standing still.

Then he saw it.

There was a grey phoneix flying up in the air. It turned it's direction to Harry, sang a song, and flew up to him.

Harry's anamigus was a phoneix. A Grey one at that.

Harry awoke, and saw Ginny and Siruis. "Phoneix", Harry told them. Ginny beamed, and Siruis' jaw dropped open. "Harry, the last phoneix transformation was Merlin himself".

"This was a grey one", Harry told them. He turned to Ginny. "What was your's", he asked.


Chapter Two: The Letters Throughout First Year

Dear Ginny

I promised that i will write to you. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, but the hat considered to put me into Slytheren. I considered it, but i decided against it. Neil and Ron were prats. They thought it was funny to call Snape a greasy git, and you should have saw what happened. Accidental Magic, from a teacher. Neil's nose was never the same again.

From your loving friend


Dear Harry

Congratuations for being put into Ravenclaw. You deserve it. Mum made a howler when she found out about Ron. Nothing's going on here. I transformed into an eagel now. It was quite funny, really, because i annoyed Siruis with it.

From your loving friend


Dear Ginny

Neil and Ron are bigger prats. They thought it was fun to go after a big troll after being warned there was a troll in the dungeons. Hermione Granger tried to stop them, but the three of them managed to escape with sheer luck. They got awarded fifty points each. Every house but Gryffindor are complaing about it.

From you loving friend


Dear Harry

Mum made about eight howlers. Be warned, don't go and eat breakfest. Anyway, i better get going. I know this is short, but i need to go to Romania with Charlie.

From GInny

Dear Ginny

Neil, Hermione and Ron are bigger prats. They decided to go and annoy Quirrel, and then, he tried to kill them all. It turned out Voldermort had possessed him. Hermione was stunned, Ron injured himself and Neil fainted. Father and Dumbledore saved them in the nick of time. 'Good luck for them'.

From Your Loving Friend


Chapter Three: Summer Holidays

Harry smiled as he saw Ginny with her parents. He abonded his trunk and both hugged each other. After a minute, Arthur cleared his throat and both blushed.

"So how was your year", Harry asked as he picked up his trunk. "Okay i guess. Nothing as exciting as your's", she said.

Harry shook his head. "I was an outcast Ginny, and most of the time i spent myself in the library and", he broke down into a whisper so only Ginny could hear.

"Room Of Requirement".

"Room Of What", Ginny asked.

"Room Of Requirement. If you really want something real bad, then the something pops up", he said, and Ginny's eyes widened.


"Come on Harry", came the voice of Lily Potter.

The Potter's traveled through portkey, and Harry immediatly ran to his bedroom.

Meanwhile, downstairs, James and Lily were looking through the grades.

"Neil is average, how could he be average. He is the boy who lived. The teachers must be jealous", James ranted. Lily only nodded, and looked at Harry's.

She gasped. Harry was the top of his year, and had everything correct. She ignored James and Neil talking about Quittich and walked upstairs.

Lily opened the door, and gasped. There was a Grey Phoneix on top of the bed. Harry immediatly changed back, and paled.

"Mum", Harry said. Lily cried, and she soon relised she was a horrible mother. She ignored Harry and instead focused on Neil.

Before Harry could say anything, Lily rushed up to him and hugged him. Harry had tears in his eyes when he heard her say, "Sorry".

"It's fine Mum".

Over the next few days, Harry and Lily spent most of their time together. Harry had told Lily about Ginny and his powerful spells.

"They sorted you into Ravenclaw for a reason Harry", she told him.

Ginny visited most of the week as well, and she too had completed her anamigus. "Mum almost found out", she explained.

Soon, they were in Diagen Alley, and Harry and Ginny were at Flourish and Bolts. They were reading about the Grindelwald Wars.

"Something about Dumbledore makes me not trust him", Harry told Ginny after learning how Dumbledore had defeated Grindelwald.

"How", Ginny asked, interested.

"Because, you know how i'm a natural Occlumency", Harry said, and Ginny nodded. "He tried to peak through my mind".

Ginny gasped. "I Hate that man. You need to teach me Occlumency", she said.

"I will, when you come back that is".

Harry and Ginny were at the Burrow, and Daniel and Ron walked up to them.

"Ginny", Ron said. "Neil wants to date you, as you are very pretty and you are just pretending you like Harry", he said. Neil nodded.

Harry and Ginny looked shock, and Ginny grew with anger. Punch. Punch.

Ginny had punched Ron on the nose, and Neil on the gut. Mrs Weasley came out, and she looked furous.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley and Neil Remus Potter, get in here now", she screamed. Lily was also furoius. Both Mothers started yelling at their sons.

"I hate them", Ginny growled. "I hate them too".

However, on the last day before summer, Harry saw Ginny writing in a black diary. She turned around to see if anyone was looking and never saw Harry.

Harry knelt beside her, and saw her writing into the diary.

Tom, i have a crush on Harry. Can you help me out. It is driving me nuts and i want to stay friends with him.

Harry watched in fasination as the words disapeared and new ones apeared.

Ginevra, it is okay to have this 'crush on someone. However, do you want to lose your friendship with Harry. He sounds as if he is just using you anyway.

Harry lost his anger, picked up the diary, and threw it away. Ginny looked up. "Why did you do that", she demanded.

"I don't trust that foul diary Ginny. Promise me you won't write into it. Don't trust anyone if you don't see the brain", he said. "I Promise".

When Harry said he needed to go to the loo, Ginny picked up the diary. She looked around nervously and quickly put it in her pocket.

Chapter Four: The Sorting Of Ginevra Weasley

"Ginny, in here", Harry said as Ginny walked inside the empty compartment. "I can't wait until we get there", Ginny said. She was tired, as she had spent the night writing to Tom.

"What did you do to the diary Ginny", Harry asked.

"I threw it in the lake", Ginny lied, and Harry nodded. He believed her.

"Can i sit here. The Nurpents are everywhere", came a dreamy voice. Harry and Ginny looked up, and saw Luna Lovegood.

"Hello Luna", Ginny said brightly. "Hello Ginevra. Who is this boy", she asked. Harry frowned at the mention of 'boy' but told her his name.

"Brother of Boy Who Lived. I Wonder if Neil Potter has wracksputs in his mind, which made him laugh at me. His friends too", Luna said.

Harry and Ginny felt sorry for the girl. She had revealed the horrible truth as if it was about the weather, and Harry vowed to make friends with her.

They chatted for the rest of the trip. Harry was separated by Ginny and Luna, and was led to the horseless carriages.

He shared a carriage with some unknowen Hufflepuffs, and looked at the nightsky.

Harry sat down at the Ravenclaw Table, waiting impatiently for Ginny and Luna to get sorted.

Meanwhile, Luna and Ginny were nervous. Luna's name was called out first, and she walked calmly to the hat. McGonagall put the hat on her head.

"RAVENCLAW", the hat yelled, and Luna smiled. She sat across from Harry, ignoring the protests that first years weren't allowed to sit there.

Ginny and a girl named Khyla Zens were the last people there. "Weasley, Ginevra".

Ginny walked up the hat, and put it on.


Ginny quickly rushed to the ravenclaw table and sat next to Harry, ignoring the protests.

"Well Done Ginny".

Meanwhile, Neil, Ron and Hermione were shooting Harry and Ginny glares.

"Potter must have cursed the hat to make Ginny into a stupid Ravenclaw", Ron said. Hermione and Neil looked at him. "My brother isn't that smart", Neil said.

"And Ravenclaw Isn't stupid, Ronald", Hermione said.

"Oh come of it Hermione. Ravenclaw is stupid for joining you know who", Ron snapped, and both of them became so angry at each other that they ignored each other altogether.

Neil sighed.

Chapter Five: Caught

Ginny and Luna were doing so well in classes, they were near Harry's record of grade. Ginny had kept writing into Riddle's Diary when Harry or Luna wasn't around.

On Halloween, Ginny said she wasn't feeling well to Harry and Luna. Once she left to the Girl's Dormitrys, Harry looked at Luna.

"Do you think she is hiding something Luna", Harry asked. Luna nodded. "It's obvious, isn't it. I think it is something about that diary she keeps writing into", she said.

Harry paled. Soon, the students had left to the Great Hall for the feast. Harry and Luna were waiting for Ginny to come out. Luna told Harry she was going to check on Ginny.

Luna opened the door, and saw Ginny's back. "Hello Looney Lovegood", came a voice which wasn't Ginny's. Luna screamed when Ginny turned around.

Instead of her chocolate brown eyes, they were red slits. She looked as pale as a ghost, and she had her wand trained on Luna.

"Reducto", the possessed said, and Luna screamed as it hit her on the leg.

Harry heard the scream, and ran inside. The Alarm went off, but Harry quickly silenced it.

He bolted against the door, and saw Luna unconscious, her leg bleeding. Harry was then throwen back into the wall.

"Poor Potter. Ginevra wouldn't be proud, would she", Ginny said. "Who are you", Harry asked.

"I'm many things. I'm you're brother's 'killer' so to speak. I'm the shawdow of Lord Voldermort", he said. Harry raised his wand.


Riddle ducked, and the curse hit against the wall. Riddle's eyes changed, and were back to brown. "Harry...Destroy...Diary".

However, the red slits came back again, and Riddle jumped on top of Harry. Harry quickly dodged, and picked up the diary.

Harry didn't know how to destroy it. So he came up with the curse which could endager everyone in the room, but he would risk it.


Harry, however, could control the fire, and he sweated as he aimed the flames to the diary. Riddle screamed in pain, and was no more.

Harry quickly put out the fire, and looked around. He saw that he had destroyed Ginny's, Luna's and Khyla's beds.

Harry quickly repaired them, and saw Ginny awake. "Harry, you might as well", she sobbed. "You might as well lose our friendship".

"No i won't. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i ain't going to put that away all because of one promise was destroyed. Now, we need to get Luna to the hospital wing.

They had told Madam Pomfrey of what had happened, and not to tell anyone. She had quickly agreed, although she was angry about Harry's curse against the diary.

"Foolish", she muttered.

However, Luna quickly recovered, and the three friend's life went back to normal.

One Day, Ginny and Luna were aproached by Flitwik. "Miss Weasley and Miss Lovegood, care to join me in my office. Mister Potter, you can join us if you like", he said in his squeaky voice.

Harry, Ginny and Luna walked to the office.

"Now, Miss Weasley and Miss Lovegood, do you want to move a year after christmas", he asked. Ginny and Luna nodded.

"Yes Please".

Then, the year went without incident, apart from Ron, Neil and Hermione's glares at Ginny and Luna for moving up a year.

However, the last incident took place at the end of the year.

Hermione was nearly raped by Lockart, and Neil and Ron managed to save her and stun Lockart. Lockart admitted he had took other's peoples work and wiped their memorys.

Because of this, Dumbledore had made points, and Gryffindor won the house cup.

Chapter Six: Wormtail's Escape

Peter Pettigrew whimpered as another dementor came nearby. His Darkest Memories was him accidently killing his own mother, and having forced to kill his father as well.

That was the day when James and Siruis shrugged their shoulders of the fact that his parents had died in a 'house fire'.

So that was the day, when Wormtail sneaked out of Potter Manor and had offered to be a spy to Lord Voldermort himself.

When James and Lily fought over who to be the secret keeper after Voldermort targeted their children, Siruis had offered him to be a secret keeper.

However, they soon relised they could use Peter as the secret keeper, but tell the world it was Siruis. So Peter told Voldermort.

Voldermort was about to storm to Godric's Hallow when Peter told him about the plan. They would offer them into a false sense of security.

This satisfied Voldermort, who had offered Peter to be his right hand man. Peter couldn't decline, as he was happy.

That was, until the Potters had managed to beat Voldermort.

James and Lily went to visit Dumbledore along with Frank and Alice Longbottom for a meeting. Their babysitter, Daphnee Jenks, was at the Hallow looking after Neil and Harry.

She had opened the door when Voldermort had immediatly killed her. The Rest was unknowen, only the fact that Neil had somehow killed Voldermort.

Peter then thought of a brilliant plan that night. He would escape with his rat form, and bring the potter boy to Voldermort. That way, when Voldermort returned, everything would be back to normal and Voldermort would make him his right hand man.

Peter transformed when the clock struck midnight. He quickly scurried to the boats, and saw the last one floating away.

Peter quickly transformed and jumped on the boat, causing it to shake a bit. He transformed, and fell asleap. He was going to have a long day.

Breaking News: Azkaban Break Out

It has been said today of the fact that Peter William Pettigrew is the first ever prisionor to escape the prision also knowen as Azkaban. The Dementors, which guard Azkaban Prision, are enraged of the fact. It has also been said that Pettigrew is looking for Neil Remus Potter, who killed Pettigrew's Master, He Who Must Not Be Named. James Potter, father of Neil Potter, had this to say.

"People, Pettigrew is a dangerous man. He might be difficult to fine, as he is a illegal anamigus and his form is a rat". After this had been said, people were outraged over the fact, and are saying that Potter deserves a trial for knowing about the illegal transformation. See Page Seven, to read more.

Chapter Seven: Dementor Attack

"Hello Ginny", Harry called out. Ginny looked up, and smiled. "Hello Harry".

"Mum and Father were a bit parinoid after Azkaban Escape", Harry told her. Ginny nodded. "Ron actually said to me that because you are a nobody, we don't do all the adventures like that", she said. "That bastard", Harry muttered.

"He doesn't know about the diary, though, does he", Harry said and Ginny smirked. She too thought it as all one bad nightmare.

"Hello Harry and Ginevra", came the ever so much dreamy voice of Luna Lovegood. "Hello Luna", both said.

Luna sat down, and pulled out a copy of the Quibbler, reading the magazine upside down. Harry and Ginny were talking about their classes when the train stopped.

Ginny actualy fell down, and Harry picked her up. "Are you okay", he asked. Ginny nodded, and both looked into their eyes.

Harry looked down, and both reached for a kiss, when a scream interupeted their moment.

Harry and Ginny turned around, and relised the lights were off, and there was a cold mist.

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger opened the door. She screamed as a Dementor came in, and everyone froze.

Hermione could only watch in horror as the dementor gave in for a kiss. Her eyes closed, and she collasped. Neil, Ron, Lavendar and Partival screamed and yelled.

"I can't die. I'm the boy who lived", Neil shouted. However, something happened.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM", came the voices of Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley outside.

A Phoneix and a Horse flew out of their wands, and attacked the dementors. However, because of Harry and Ginny's combined stong power, something else happened.

The Dementor's Cloats blew off, and black dust fell to the floor. They were dead.

Harry and Ginny could only watch nervously as Remus Lupin looked to see what had happened.

Chapter Eight: Funeral

Harry, Ginny, Remus and Dumbledore were at Dumbledore's Office. Harry and Ginny felt their minds being poked at, but pushed it aside. Dumbledore's twinkle vanished.

Harry and Ginny could be a threat to his plans. They could grow up to be the next Tom Riddle, but only this time, it would be Lord and Lady Potter destroying the Wiziarding World.

"So, i believe you had killed a dementor, is that correct", Dumbledore asked. "Yes", both replyed in unison. "Where did you learn such spell", he asked.

"That is our buisness", Harry said, and Ginny nodded. Remus smirked. Dumbledore looked shocked that they didn't tell him.

"Lemon Drop", Dumbledore asked them. "No, that's a truth potion", Ginny said. Dumbledore nearly fainted.

"We are going to pay out respects now", and with that, Harry and Ginny left. Remus said his goodbyes and also left.

Dumbledore collasped to his seat. He had to destroy Potter and Weasley. It was for their own and everyone's good.

Harry and Ginny walked outside, admist the freezing wind. Hermione Granger's funeral was today, and even though they hated the girl, they thought it was polite to be at the funeral.

They saw Walter and Jean Granger cry during the funeral. Hermione was killed by one of the healers in St. Mungo's, in the Granger's wishes.

Neil was upset, and so was Ron. Lavendar and Partival were no where to be seen. Harry and Ginny sat in the chairs next to Luna.

"What did Dumbledore say", Luna whisper. "He tried to force a truth potion on us", Harry said. Luna's eyes widened, and said nothing.

Chapter Nine: Boggart

It was Defense Against The Dark Arts, and Harry, Ginny and Luna were at the front. Remus Lupin walking in, and he smiled at the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.

"Books and Quills Away Class. Today, is the day where we fight Boggarts", Remus said, and everyone whispered excitedly.

Though, Harry and Ginny weren't excited. They knew what they were going to see. Tom Riddle.

"Right, on Line".

Luna was the first out of the three. The Cuboard Blasted open, and everyone saw an elder version of Luna. She was casting a charm, and suddenly, she accidently killed herself.

Luna dropped her wand in shock. Lupin quickly banished the Boggart, and gave Luna a permission slip to get out of class.

"Right, who's next".

Soon, it was Harry's turn. Harry raised his wand as the cuboard blasted open.

Everyone gasped, as Ginny came out of the cuboard. She had the same red silts, and she spoke in Riddle's voice. "Potter, You failed to save little little Ginny, you naughty naughty boy".

Harry puked, and Lupin quickly banished the boggart. "Harry, inside my office. Continue on".

Ginny was one of the last. People were frightened of her, since what the boggart had showen. She was scared. She would see something of the same.

Tom Riddle did come out, and he raised his wand at Luna. "Reducto", and instead of the leg, it hit her head, which immediatly exploded.

Before Remus could do anything, Harry apeared, which made him stick to the floor, to see what had happened next.

Riddle raised his wand, and yelled "Avada Kedarva" at him. Harry fell to the ground, dead. Everyone screamed as they saw Ginny getting possessed by Riddle.

"Ginny inside now", Remus demanded, and she quickly did, tears rolling down her cheek.

The News spead like wildfire. And one old Man was interested of the news.

Chapter Ten: Lily's Defense

Harry and Ginny hugged each other, and only Remus could watch in sympathy. Moments later, Lily flooed in, and she saw Harry and Ginny.

"Remus told me what happened", she hugged both of them. "When did this happen", she asked. "Last Year".

And the two told their story of what happened to them last year. Lily was in tears, and Remus was stunned.

Just then, Dumbledore bursted into the office. "I heard what happened. Who was the man who tried to kill you", he asked.

This was the last straw. Harry stood up, and used the bat bogey hex on him. "You Bastard. It was Tom Riddle, i guess you know that name. Voldermort ring a bell", he roared.

"How dare you", Dumbledore shouted, and surprisingly, Lily jumped up and slapped the old man.

"You come barging into Remus' office, you demand what happened to these two, and yet you don't show any sort of human deceny". Another slap.

"Get out of my sight".

However, Dumbledore tried to peak through Ginny's mind. Ginny sensed this.

She picked up a jug, and threw it at Dumbledore. Dumbledore quickly vanished it. "You tried to read our minds", she screamed.

Dumbledore fell down, shocked. Everyone was staring at him at disgust and pity.

Just then, Fawkes came barging in, and did something unexpected. He picked at his eyes, and Dumbledore screamed in pain.

Fawkes flew over to Harry, and sang a song which cheared everyone's heart, except Dumbledore. He had lost Fawkes to Potter.

Chapter Eleven: The Fight

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