The Outcasts.

"Mutation, it is the key to our evelotion. It has enabeled us to evovle from a single-celled orginism into a species that dominates the planet. The process is slow, but in this new millenia, evolution leaps forward" - Professor Charles Xavier.

Main Characters:

  • Missy Peregrym as Melanie Haelstorm/Spider-Girl
  • Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane Watson
  • Halle Berry as Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • Jessica Biel as Kristen Sparks/Cyclops
  • Famke Jansen as Jean Grey
  • Emma Roberts as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Karin Wagner/Nightcrawler
  • Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake/Iceman
  • Patrick Stewart as Prof. Charles Xavier

Cast Gallery

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