The Phanton Wenus
// In this Cleveland themed Star Wars Special, a Jar Jar Jew-Tew flees to Stoolbend from Quahog Rhode Island to inform of a potential money grosser story. He is however assasinated by a startled Rallo Tubbs. In the looking wenis covered alien's hand is a note which says reach on the event of him being unable to recount a Bulls**t story. Cleveland is advised not to read by Junior, Donna, Roberta and Rallo but reverts it to anyway. The story Cleveland immediatley recognises ast Star Wars and he states he hopes the cheap producers of Fox landed him a better star wars character. They however dubbed him with Boss Nass of Naboo which upsets Cleveland and makes Rallo dub as Karma. Cleveland then begins to read the star wars note story in slow dramatic heavy breathing pauses. It begins with a Phanton Menace storyline and in replacement of the typical blue once upon a time opening comes a gold heading with Cleveland towing it driving a small gold plane shouting an insult at the viewing audience. The story then resumes to a hilarious photograph insulting Fox Network, Seth Macfarlane, Robot Chicken, Kentucky Fried Balls and Corporate Issues. The issue opens with two of the Bears as Qui-Gon Jinnie and Obi-B*tch Phone respectivley attempting to make negotians with the Galactic Federation which is mockingly laughed as GF as in girlfriend. Qui-Gon accidentally has his balls blown off so they vow to kill all on board

Season: 2 Episode: ??
Total Episode Count: ??
Prod. no.: 2APS??
First Aired: TBA

Guest Starring: Ewan McGregor
Featuring: Donna Tubbs-Brown, Cleveland Brown, Robert Rodriguez
Also Appearing: Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta, Rallo, Tim
Musical Numbers: TBA

Director: Kirker Butler
Assistant Director: TBA
Writers: Ian Graham
Storyboarders: TBA

Plot: Season 2 Finale episode

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