The Pilot is the first episode of the television series spin-off Final Destinations.

"The Pilot"
Final Destinations episode
Episode no. Season 1

Episode 1

Directed by David Fury
Written by David Greenwalt
Original air date February 14th, 2002
Guest actors
Claire Coffee

Sophie Winkleman

Margarita Levieva

Ben Whishaw

William Levy

Oscar Isaac

Episode chronology
PreviousNext →"Death Takes the Bus"
List of Final Destinations Episodes

It is written by David Greenwalt and directed by David Fury starring Michelle Williams, Chris Pine, Katee Sackhoff, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, Charlie Hunnam, Ben Foster and Rachel Nichols.

It aired on the Sci-Fi Channell on February 14th, 2002 at 11:00 pm standard time.


A group of people are meant to die in a Philadelphia Skycraper smash up but are saved after a young woman has a premonition of the coming carnage.

The vision is triggered by a pop on news report regarding the six youths and a teacher of Mt. Abraham High School who stepped off the Volee Airlines plane Flight 180 just before it's explosion.

The group then however begin to die in a series of bizarre accidents which the visionary woman herself Claire DeLane associates as being caused by Death itself and as their body count rises she discovers all those who stepped off the Flight 180 before it's explosion seem to be dead apart from one woman named Clear Rivers who checked herself into the far away Long Island Stonybrook Institution.

Ultimatley it comes down to just Claire and Claire comes to Long Island to the Stonybrook Institution and admits herself just as Clear Rivers had done believing it to be the only way to ensure her survival.

It is then revealed that in connection to Final Destination 2 when Kimberley Corman of the Route 23 pile-up comes to see Clear the noise heard from one of the rooms on the same floor stating "No, No Get Her off me, get her off me," was indeed Claire seeing the omnipresent force Death coming for her in her room during a routine check up from her male Doctor Leonetti who is indeed the later used Laser Eye Doctor in Final Destination 5.

Claire had jumped onto Dr. Leonetti's back leading him into saying get her off me, get her off me and Death causing water to spill out from under his feet leads him into slipping her off out the room window to her death.


  • Michelle Williams as Claire DeLane
  • Chris Pine as Norman Rogers
  • Katee Sackhoff as Gina Truman
  • Melissa Rauch as Fiona Graham
  • Simon Helberg as Walter Piffle
  • Charlie Hunnam as Rueben Daniels
  • Ben Foster as Samuel Deacon
  • Rachel Nichols as Lara Bentley
  • Claire Coffee as Tressa Burroughs
  • Sophia Winkleman as Receptionist
  • Margarita Levieva as Guidance Woman Clear Bridges
  • Ben Whishaw as Misguided Client
  • Oscar Isaac as Angry Protestor
  • Roxanne McKee as Rich Woman
  • Austin Nichols as Poor Man
  • Sam Riley as Businessman
  • Robin Bain as Businesswoman
  • Niall Matter as Manager Harvey Hitchen
  • Matt Long as Lara's Boyfriend Campbell Seams
  • Nick Cannon as Officer McClaren
  • Agim Kaba as Officer Justice Clarken


Death in the episode like the first movie works in chronological order: The order to which the survivours died in the accident they were meant to as foreseen in the vision.

  1. Lara Bentley- Killed as Death causes Apartment roof Light decoration to wrap around her left leg and pull her off the roof down onto a car near Claire. Claire comes to Lara's aid as she is bleeding to death in her arms and is finished off as the car she smashed upon is rolled over onto her by the light decoration wrapping around and hoisiting it.
  2. Tressa Burroughs- Killed after Claire and Norman call a survivour group in the middle of Cornwell Street an out of control silver Mercedes smashes into Tressa propelling off the windscreen and onto the ground behind it.
  3. Rueben Daniels- Killed as all the pipes in his apartment sprout out through the floor and one shoots upward through his head impaling him right in front of Claire and Norman who stumble into his apartment
  4. Fiona Graham and Walter Piffle- Both killed in Norman's apartment elevator when the elevator stops and Norman crawls out onto the top to see the damage the spiky shaft roof above falls down and crushes Walter. Fiona then struggles to escape the elevator and gets half her body jammed as Death closes the doors on her. Gina and Claire struggle to release Fiona from the elevator but she is torn in half as the doors crush inward.
  5. Gina Truman: Killed at her parents house which she attempted to make Death Proof but death cutting out the oven and leaking gas into the house then breaks off a t.v electrical cord and latches it to the front door which upon Claire rushing to it and opening it causes the house to explode propelling her backwards onto her car windscreen and killing Gina within the house.
  6. Officer McClaren and Norman Rogers: Killed at the empty police station late at night as Norman comes to warn Officer McClaren he is up next upon him and Claire discovering he is a survivour of the 180 Building Complex Collapse. Officer McClaren perishes first as the police station begins to become destroyed piece by piece and the training room pool glass doors implode spiralling glass shards into McClaren's head and back. Norman follows after being pulled into the pool and shut with the covering on causing him to drown.
  7. The Poor Man: Claire escapes the hospital and comes to the police station to discover McClaren and Norman's bodies. There she is happened upon by the Poor Man whom she believed to have remained in the 180 building and died. He rants about Death coming him for him and a large wire is shot outwards and lassoed around his neck pulling up against and a wall and popping off his head.
  8. Claire DeLane: Killed at the Stonybrook Institution a year following the 180 building events via her Dr she is latched upon slipping on water and spiralling her out her room window.

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