The Prom of death is an novel that has the friends characters.Rachel is at the prom,With Ross,Monica and Chandler.However,An deranged killer escapes prision and trys to kill Rachel and her friends.

One Prolouge

Rachel and her friend Monica were walking in the school hall when they ran into their friend Phoebe."Hey Pheebs,Are you coming to the prom?",Rachel asked."No,I have to look after my mother and Ursula.Ursula is faking so she does not have to go to school",She had said angry.

"Why would she fake",Monica said.It was knowen that Phoebe was never happy with Ursula.She had stolen her first boyfriend from Phoebe,Phoebe had found out she was having sex with an fourteen yearold and told their mother.Ursula also had grabbed Phoebe's doll and threw it under the bus.

"Because she hates me",Was all Phoebe said.She then dropped her books by accident and Rachel helped her to get them up.Rachel then said goodbey and walked away quickly."What is up with her",Phoebe asked Monica."It has been two years since the death of her parents"

Rachel walked around quietly holding her books and she saw they a few students were looking at her.Rachel then threw her books down and ran out of the school.She then saw her boyfriend Ross with his friend Chandler coming to the school.

"What's up,Rach",Ross chipped in happy."Two years.Two years since the death of my family",She quietly said and collapsed.Ross quickly held onto her and Chandler ran in the school to get some help.

"What's happening Chandler",Monica had quietly asked.She had an huge crush on him."Rachel has just collapsed",He shouted at some students to get help.Later,Rachel had walked out of the medical room.

She went into her maths class and gave Mr.Brown the note.She sat in her usal seat next to Monica and Jennifer.She was not an friend to Jennifer.In fact,Jennifer liked it when Rachel suffered.Rachel Daydreamed about how she found her family remains.

The year was 1998.Rachel and Monica are talking about their boyfriend's and crushes."I can't believe you are still going out with my brother",Cried Monica."I know",Rachel had said Monica's usual phrase.

"Hey,See i know who has an crush on you.Mr.Edmonds",Cried out Monica.Rachel then shuddered at the though."I'm going home",Was all she said and ran away.Edmonds was freaky and everyone thought he could do anything.

Rachel opened her door and greeted her father without even looking at him.However,Unknowen to her,He was dead.She walked past her mother's bedroom.She was dead too.Rachel enetered Amy's room so she can use any excuse to yell at her.But she saw something that chilled her to her very soul.Amy was dead with blood all over.Rachel ran out of the room and tripped over something.She had looked at what she seen and screamed.There was Jill,Her younger sister.She was dying.

"Please stay awake please",begged an crying Rachel.Jill looked up and died.Rachel just ran to the front door.She could get away.But an man tackled Rachel to the ground and walked up to her.She looked up and saw who it was.Brian Edmonds.Just then,Sevarl police officers kicked the door open and arrested Edmonds.He looked at Rachel and was carried away.

"Miss.Green",An voice had innterupted her and she looked up and saw the whole class looking at her."What",Rachel asked.Brown nodded,Knowing what she was thinking about.She did the same thing since the last two years.

Two Phoebe's Video Part 1

Rachel looked at the mirror,Wondering if she could do this.She was just doing it for Monica,And Phoebe as well.She was going to give them an video recorder so she could see.The doorbell rang."Vera,I've got it",Rachel shouted.Vera was Rachel's aunt.

Rachel opened the door and saw Monica in her pink dress."You look so great",Rachel screamed at the top of her lungs and the two hugged.They talked about their dates and Monica's was Chandlers.

"Why him" were throwing at her but she did not care.Just then,They saw Phoebe coming up to them with an video."Hiya Pheebs,What you got",Monica asked and then she relised."Pheebs and 'Ursula's video camara"

She gave Rachel the camara and walked away after saying goodbye.They saw Ross and Chandler in the black limo.Monica had held on the camara and recored Chandler and Ross getting drunk and how Rachel fell over.

Just then,They got their and the couples separated so they could dance.Monica had decided to record Rachel and Ross,Then Rachel records Monica and Chandler.When they danced,Rachel thought she saw someone outside,But just shrugged it away.Unknowen to her,Monica had managed to record that bit of evidence.Monica had then decided to put the video in her and Chandler's room so it won't be stolen.

Three Phoebe's Video Part 2

"Oh you are so bad",Jennifer teased at Paul as the two ran to their bedroom.The prom was in an hotel,And they had booked that night for some,Sex.They kissed each other when Paul ran to the bathroom.
"What's wrong",Jennifer asked but Paul being sick answered the question.In about fiften minutes later,He never returned.Jennifer thought something was wrong,And slowly opened the bathroom door and let out an scream,Which was drowned by the party downstairs.

Paul was dead,And his head was in the toilet.Jennifer then looked up and saw an man looking at Paul,And then at her.Jennifer bolted out of the room and decided to knock on all doors so she could find some help.

She managed to get in Monica and Chandler's and saw Monica putting the video camara down."Jennifer what do".But seeing how terrified she was Monica confronted her."What is going on Jennifer",Monica camly asked.

But befour she could get her answer,The man bursted in the room and stabbed Jennifer right through the chest.Monica quickly grabbed the camara and ran out of the room,Recording in process.

Monica decided to go down to the party,But she tripped over an body in the stairs.She looked up and saw it was her brother's ex girlfriend,Carol.Monica let out an scream which only dogs could hear as it was that loud.

Monica ran to Ross and Rachel's room,Hopeing one of them were in.The door was unlocked,But no one was in.She locked the door and ran to the wardrope and hid in there.She looked through the peep,And saw she never locked the door right.The killer was there.Monica just recorded what was happening and the killer went out of the room.

Four Chandler Investigates

"I'm going to see where Monica is",Chandler said to Ross and Rachel and he went to his room.He then heard noises behind him,And turned around.He saw nothing and opened the door.He then smelled the most horribile smell in history.And that is when he saw.

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