The Hulk II: The Return of the Hulk is a straight-to-video sequel to the 2003 superhero film, Hulk. The film is a 2004 direct-to-video superhero film that was followed by the 2007 straight-to-video, The Hulk 3: The Revenge of the Hulk.

The film's gross revenue in the US was 21,388,567 and in UK was, 15,688,444; the film raised 2,000,000 more in 2005 in the US; and in the UK, 5,000,000; and in 2006 it raised 4,000,000 in the US and 7,000,000 more in the UK.

Plot synopsis

The film continues after the Hulk in 1984 and it features Bruce (Eric Bana reprised his role) and Betty (Jennifer Connelly reprised her role, too) are still trying finding out how to fix Bruce's problem and face a monster of a machine: the Iron Monger. The Hulk has no choice but to go out his way to defeat Obadiah and save Betty from Obadiah and going through a brutal battle between the giants and ultimately someone will die from the brutal battle.

Gross revenue stats

  • US - 41,577,308
  • UK - 39,368,218
  • Total - 80,945,526

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