The Revenge of the Ex's is an story that features the friends characters.Nearing Rachel and Ross's wedding,Julie apears and nearly kills Monica in an freak accident.Now,With their ex's coming all over the place,Can the friends survive.


Rachel Green and her fiance Ross Geller were watching an movie,Which only Ross seemed to understand."Ross,Can you tell me why Lauren is running from her son" she said suddenly."Well,He is an monster",Remarked Ross.

She could not have wanted anything more.She has the perfect boyfriend,The perfect child and the perfect job.She also had some great friends,But they had now settled down and they had only hung out an Central Perk on an Sunday.

"I am going to bed,Night hon",Rachel said and she kissed Ross on the forehead.She slowly walked to her bedroom and closed the door silently.Today was Saturday,An normal day for her.She looked outside the window,And looked at the lights danceing around new york.She could have had anything she wanted about ten years ago.But,She was more happy about her life than the money.Rachel collapsed onto the bed and fell asleap.

Monica Bing was driveing her car,Unaware where she was going.She had just met up with Ross's ex-girlfriend,Julie,Who was acting oddly.Monica looked out the window,And saw the lights danceing around.She wished she and Chandler could dance again like they used to.But now with the twins,They became more distant.

Monica did not notice the truck right ahead off her and when she did,She did the best she could to make sure her car never came face to face with the truck.However,She was lucky,But her car and crashed into an tree.Monica then felt her leg bleeding,And she felt horror all over her.She was pregnant,Even though she was told she would never have kids,She had managed to have one.Monica passed out,As the lights in New York danced on.

Two:Hospital and Attacker

"Have you heard any word",Ross had said on the phone,Just getting the news from Phoebe Hannigan that Monica was in the hospital"."Well,We had just found out she is having an misscarriage,Even though none of us knew she was pregnant and how she got pregnant is unexplained",Chipped in Phoebe on the other side."Oh my,But is she going to be alive?,Asked an worried Ross."She would be in an coma,But we do not know how long".

Then,Suddenly,They had lost contact with eachother."What happened",cried an worried Ross.He was home alone as Rachel and Emma were in Joey's."Ross,Turn around",Cried out an annoying voice.Ross slowly turned around,But was hit by baseball bat on the face.

Meanwhile,Chandler is in the waiting room with Phoebe and Mike."How,How,How long do you think she will be in an coma for",Chandler suddenly said in an voice which scared Phoebe and Mike.Befour anyone could answer,An Nurse came through."Chandler Bing,It apears that your wife was not going to fall into an coma,We got the tests wrong."Oh thank god,Cried out Chandler in relief.

"Only one person can come in at a time",And with that the Nurse walked to another room.Chandler slowly walked into Monica's room,And saw her in the bed."Oh honey,I will never lose you again",Cried out Chandler,And he hugged Monica."Chandler,Please will you do something for me?,cried out Monica."Of course"

"Go to Ross's,Now",Monica suddenly shouted which frightened Chandler.Monica was then screaming and an doctor and two nurses came in and the doctor dragged Chandler away.Monica was then given an drug which make her fall asleap.

Three:Two Hostages

Chandler ran out of the hospital,Leaveing an worried Phoebe and Mike.He was terrified about Monica's sudden outburst.He hailed an taxi and then arrived at Ross's apartment.He paid the driver a tenner and ran inside.He was surprised that the door was open.He then collapsed as he saw an pool of blood on the floor.He looked around and saw that all the furniture was destroyed.

"Help"!,Ross had shouted from the next room.Chandler slowly got up and crept to the bathroom.He silently opened the door and was then surprised that an man jumped on him.Chandler tried to get him off,But he was much stronger thatn him.

The man grabbed an lamp and chucked it over to Chandler.Chandler ducked and grabbed an knife nearby which was probary the attacker's.Chandler then swung it to the attacker but missed.The man then grabbed onto Chandler's neck and strangled him.

Ross watches this and runs to the man's bag.Ross quickly grabbed the gun and relised it had no bullets.Ross looked around for some,But was then kicked on the face by the man,Which quickly knocked him out.

Chandler grabbed the knife and jumped on the man.He then stabbed the man in the neck."What are you doing"!,Shouted Ross."Self Defense",Chandler spat back.Ross then turned the corpse around and lifted the hood."Oh my god,Is that,Tag",Cried out Chandler.

Four:Who has the twins?

Phoebe and Mike walked around Central Perk looking at the children and their parents.Then,Phoebe suddenly fell down."Phoebe are you okay",Cried out Mike.Phoebe looked up at Mike."If Chandler went to see Ross,Monica is in the hospital,And Rachel is with Joey,Who has Erica and Jack",Shouted Phoebe to Mike as if he was stupid.

Phoebe got up and pushed Mike away.Phoebe ran into the middle of the road,Blocking traffic in the process."Taxi"!,She shouted at the yellow cab.Phoebe opened the door and saw Mike running up."Go",Phoebe spat as she gave him the location.

Phoebe ran away befour she paid the driver.Mad,The Man followed her."Hey,Bitch",He shouted and smacked Phoebe on the face."Don't you know who am i",He spat at her."Oh my god,David".Then everything flashed back to her.

Mike was running to the cab and it drove off.He was shouting "Get out,It is David",Which Phoebe did not hear.Phoebe then crawled away as David Rambled on how he was going to finish Phoebe off.

Phoebe then grabbed an vase and throw it at him,Which he fell down when hit.Phoebe ran to the twins room,Hopeing they are still there.They were and Phoebe locked the door from the outside.

David ran upstairs and strangled Phoebe.Phoebe,Making sure he does not go to the twins rooms,Pushes him back,Which results the two falling over the banistor.Phoebe screams in pain as David gets up.He proceeds to shoot her,But then Mike comes and stabs David in the head.

David's lifeless body falls down onto Phoebe.Phoebe pushes him away and manages to get up.She and Mike hug each other and she then tells him to phone Rachel so she can be on the look out.

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