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The Roommate 2: The Obsession is a 2018 Erotic Thriller film and a direct-to-video sequel to the 2011 thriller film, The Roommate.


A young woman, Haley Stewarts, gets accepted into her favorite college that she always dreamed of since she was a child. she meets some friends and ends up having a fling with a guy from a bar, named Kevin. She finds out her one night fling has been more than just a one night thing. Only, she finds out that Kevin has been having relations with her roommate and moves out. She moves in with a clingy, lesbian named, Vanessa. Haley and Vanessa start to gain a friendship, without Haley knowing that Vanessa is a lesbian. Over the course of their friendship, Vanessa gains a sexual attraction with Haley and becomes very clingy and overprotective of her. Vanessa starts to eliminate all the problems in Haley's life, or what Vanessa feels is threatening to herself.


  • Jessica Biel as Haley Stewarts - The new student at her dream college who handles her new psycho roommate.
  • Katie Cassidy as Vanessa Bray - Haley's psycho roommate who gains a sexual attraction for Haley and attempts to eliminate all of her own threats.
  • Sean Faris as Kevin - Haley's bar fling who becomes her boyfriend later on.
  • Briana Evigan as Arlene - She is one of Haley's friends who becomes a target to Vanessa.
  • Annalynne McCord as Stacy Rollins - She was Haley's old roommate who slept with Haley's new boyfriend, which causes Haley to move out. She becomes a target to Vanessa.
  • Hunter Parrish as Rob Sutcliffe - He is a parking lot attendant.
  • Logan Browning as Ann Carson - She is Stacy's best friend.
  • Gia Mantegna as Malanya - Vanessa's old friend who use to get stalked by her.
  • Daniel Craig as Mr. Palmer - He is Haley's boss, who has to choose either Haley or Stacy for an assistant manager's job.
  • Idris Elba as Detective Besch - He is a detective who tries to help Vanessa.
  • Mark Harmon as Brian Stewarts - He is Haley's father.
  • Rachel Weisz as Lauren Stewarts - She is Haley's mother.
  • Nick Kroll as Stan Carlson - He is Haley's boss who helps her on her business trips.
  • Gary Sinise as Rich - He is Haley's gay fashion designer.


  • Stacy Rollins - While Stacy is taking a bath, she closes her eyes and relaxes. Vanessa appears and stabs Stacy in the stomach with a knife and drowns her under the water while she chokes on her blood
  • Detective Besch - As Det. Besch is helping Haley, Vanessa shoots him in the back with a gun
  • Vanessa Bray - As Vanessa comes at Haley with her knife, Haley grabs Det. Besch's gun and shoots Vanessa in the chest

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