Scarecrow's later costume

"There is no Crane, only Scarecrow."

-Dr. Johnathan Crane ( Scarecrow)

Johnathan Crane, aka, The Scarecrow is one of Batman's enemies. As a child he was bullied an taunted, he vowed to overcome all his fears. He studied phycology and boichemestry, until he got a job at a univesity teaching Phycology. During this time he tested a fear enducing gas secretly on human subjects. He was fired, after he adopted the alias of the Scarecrow armed with the gas.

The Scarecrows first Crimes

Robbing Gotham bank

Crane needed money for his research on the fear gas, he decided to rob a bank.He pumped the bank full of gas

Crane's original costume

and entered the building. While the gaurds were experiencing their nightmares, Crane began making his way to the safe. The police came to arrest Crane but when they came inside they were gassed. Scarecrow had gathered about one billion dollars, when the Bat Symbol appeard in the sky. Batman came to subdue Screcrow, but when he stepped inside he saw his parents death. Scarecrow began kicking Batman and left the crime scene. He hid the money in his house until he could find a safe place.

Enlisting at Arkham Asylum

Crane was accepted for a job as a doctor at Arkham Asylum. Crane began testing his gas on the more voilent and crazy inmates. He had found a secret panel leading to a a small elevator. The elevator decended into a small room, he would hide his money here. Crane's first costume did not strike much fear into his enemies, so he began creating a new mask.

Stealing from Gothom University.

Crane needed chemicals to produce more gas, he headed to the university. He gassed the people in the university and began steeling chemicals. He was about to leave when Batman showed up and punched him. Batman was equipted with a gas mask so the gas wouldn't work on him. Crane made a run for it and escaped to Arkham, losing Batman. He hid in his secret lair and created his gas and the new mask.

Dealing with gangsters.

Equipt with his new mask Scarecrow had thought of a plan to sell his chemicals. He became a dealer and hid his chemicals in the drugs he sold. He first started selling to a gang called Los Muertos,then to bigger gangs

Dealing with the Dogs

Scarecrow had sold his product to a gang called the Dogs. When they saw the results of the chemical they

New Mask

tried to kill Crane. The Dogs had found Scarecrow in an Alley dealing with Los muertos. They attakced Crane who sprayed them with gas, the gang was on their knees in seconds. Scarecrow had devised a master plan and made the Dogs his henchmen.

Crane's plan

Crane had his henchmen steal money,and equiptment from the university. Crane then created an untraceable gas that would kill if mixed with water. He put the chemicals in water bottles sold only in a certain Resturant. After five untraceable deaths, Batman began searching the city. After a day he found Crane, who was put into Arkham Asylum.

A new era in fear


Crane had one of his henchmen beg insanity and put into Arkham. With help from Killer Croc Scarecrow had a
bomb put into the minon. Croc detonated the bomb,and Scarecrow was freed. He created a new costume, his old one was destroyed.

Poisoning the Gotham university.

Crane had a teahcer paid to spray books at gotham university with gas. Whenever a person would touch the book, they feared what they were reading, even if it as about a bunny. The teacher began getting nervouse and tried to kille Crane, but was gassed, and died of overdose. Batman and Commissoner Gordon cleaned the books and searched for Crane.

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